They’re taking money they’re not entitled to – what can I do?

August 2, 2013

my son has mps hurlers syndrome which is a genetic problem, i had another child with someone when i separated from my wife, i was thrilled and put my name on the birth cert as you do, sibce then he had been a little poorly and i asked if he could have a urine sample to clear the worry of him having mps also, the mother flately refused saying he hasnt got it, i said are you telling me he isnt mine, she said stop being silly he looks like you, i said its not good enough, i walked out and left them.

She called the csa, and obviously they called me, i gave my details and i said can i have a dna test they said no cos i was on the birth cert, i told them i am not paying. my second phonecall was from a horrible lady who said you are the father stop denying it, if you dont give me bank details then its coming out of your wages. i then gpt a call from a nice lady called claire, she granted a dna test, i was waiting so long that £306 came from my wages, a week later the dna came back as negative.

i called the csa and they said it is going to a home visit to proove it was me that took the test, although it was cellmark and they gave me places to go ie the hospital, isnt that enough proof?

so while still waiting for the home visit to take place i was getting a little anxious in getting my mobey back, i was told after the visit, it gets sent electronically to the csa and the mny will be released. then i called wheb the visit took place, and the person said it will take another week and then it will have to go to other departments before it gets shut down as a claim, it will take weeks to sort, in the meantime another £200 has been taken from my wages, the csa has all the evidence they need but is refusing to shut it down,

i call it theift due to taking money off me that they are not entitled to, i need answers


  • Pete says:

    Welcome to the scum world of the CSA, feel free to jpin our facebook page!/groups/204256966364149/, Were we can help advise and guide you.
    The scum will only lie to you make false arrears, Do not trust a word that any of them say, They are all pathelogical liars.

  • Lisa says:

    Not your child you shouldnt pay anything, show the DNA results to your employer, they have a legal right to you to make sure they are doing the right thing, then send the agency an email and tell them unless this is sorted you will have no alternative but to see them in court, join our group we can get you the help quicker than maknig phone calls,!/groups/204256966364149/ The way they are treating you is no more than a walking bank, dont expect a refun though, your ex has told lies about her childs father taken you for money she isnt entitled to yet the CSA will protect her to the end,

  • John says:

    If you believe that the CSA are acting outside of the ‘rule or enactment of law’ that they are entitled to use, and you have evidence of this, then it may be a matter for the police, because they may be obtaining money by deception.

    The CSA do not have sole rights as to the use of the law, it may be worth having a consultation with the police.

  • csaworkerx says:

    Dont contact ure employer unless you personally know the guy in payroll, employers have a legal right to take DEO’s from ure wages and the shitstorm we give them if they dont isnt worth any employee. Let me explain the disputed paternety process we call it dis pat.

    My first call to an NRP goes a little like this

    do you accept parentage, If yes, move on. If no….

    Are you on the birth cetificate, If no… “Ok ill now send this case to our complex team to talk to you about dna further” ure case now goes to complex, and youll get a dna test

    if yes… Well, not going to bore with details but unless you can convince me why you signed a birth certificate for a child you had a doubt was ures, im assuming ure the dad.

    now, as for ure case, Cellmark are notoriously slow on sending us the paper work for dis pat cases, it does take weeks admittedly, remeber, just becuase ure dis pat doesnt mean were not still charging you money, it means theres a doubt, thats all.

    the good news is now you know its negative your case will be closed, the bad news is if that money has gone to ure ex, SHE now owes you that, not the CSA, if its still in our system we will refund it, if the payment has gone to ure pwc, only option you have is to take her to court to get it back.

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