They’re still taking money but it’s not going to my ex

October 16, 2013

a few months ago i informed the csa that my 18 year old daughter had started work . i have had an attachment of earnings for years and have had no arrears for several years now , £63 per week for maintenance .

when i first spoke to them they sent me a letter stating i was no longer liable for maintenance .i phoned the following week because they took payment again from my wage ,they told me it would be stopped.

i have phoned them every week for 5 weeks and still they are taking the £63 pw . the latest thing they have told me is that its an IT problem but they have stopped paying her mother !! for sum reason they cant stop the payments coming from my wages and they dont know how long it will take to sort out ! iam fuming . how can they do this to me . its 9 payments over they have taken so far thats over £500 . iam moving soon so need the money . WHAT ARE MY RIGHTS ???????????


  • jo says:

    This happened to us, all they need to do is fax a cancelled deo notice to your employer, its that simple….well you would think, in our case we involved our mp and wrote a stern letter of complaint. If you have a closed noticed from the csa might be worth showing your employer aswel so they can chase them up too. Good luck.

  • Lisa says:

    @csa spoof why not do us a favour and get a proper job you cretin, to the poster it takes 5 mins for a CSA staff member to pick up the phone, I’m assuming with you saying your ex hasn’t had the money it will be in the CSA holding account, keep at them, make complaint after complaint, hound them like they do us, get back what your owed,

  • bob says:

    Write a letter sent recorded stating you are giving them 28 days to sort this and to refund.d you the money they have collected both unlawfully and illegally.

    In the letter state that if no action is done within this time you will be issuing court proceedings against them and they will be liable for both the overpayments and your personal costs to recoup this collection.

    CSA are an evil company. A friend of mine had a second child with his wife, 4YEARS on he is still waiting for an amendment. He reckons he is owed more than £1,750!. And yes he has wrote every 3months without fail over these 4years one letter even said the amendment had been made already and the next saying they would be in contact re back payments.

    CSA have recently had just over 3,000 challenges of paternity and more than 15% the mother had made false paternity claims! Let’s not forget these 3,000 men are only the ones who can afford the cost of the DNA test/are aware it can be challenged/have reason to suspect its not theirs or have had an illegal deo applied in absence of the CSA making contact with the ‘NRP’.

    The CSA made 11 children homeless last financial year 2011/2012 by obtaining charging and the orders of sale on properties.

    Male NRPs pay on average £10+ more per week than Female, also Male NRPs pay more consistently than Female NRPs and also are less like to be in arrears.

    I do FOI requests every May to get this info as knowledge is a powerful ally when dealing with these cretins.

  • Sally says:

    @ Lisa…. re csaspoof….. this about it…. CSA’s POOF… the shit comes out of his mouth not his bum… that’s quite clearly used for something else… lol lol

  • Jeremy Lambert says:

    Taking it from your wages is against the law, taking it from your bank account is against the law to.
    Just keep a record of it until it stops then counter charge them for a refund of monies taken due to clerical error but there is no clerical error or IT error as they put it.
    The person who does your payroll can stop it and despite the threats they can not be taken to court.

    And just to add i know its off topic but they also can not take your passport or driving licence.
    If they confiscate your passport they are committing purgerie just read what it says inside your passports everyone.

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