They’re only interested in helping one parent

November 21, 2013

They only look at taking money from the non-resdent parent and giving to the other with out explaining to the resdent parent that on reviving the money that they meant to give clothes, shoes, etc, etc down to non-resdent parent. No letter, leaflet nothing. Only interested in helping and supporting one parent. As there’s there’s single perents that won’t take there kid or kids and don’t pay a single penny. This makes me sick as a dad I would take my daughter every day if I could along with my 3 other boys in my new relationship.


  • Gonk says:

    I am 100% on your side here…it fucks me off beyond believe that this scum can take your money and just hand it over to the pwc without question. NRP’s have no say how or even if the money they are forced to hand over is actually spent on his kid/s, it’s disgusting, I’m robbed of over £300 each month for my daughter and no one will convince me that it’s all spent on my daughter. I know it subsidies her and her partners income and her other daughter who’s father by the way pays fuck all towards. So I’m subsidising his daughter as well
    Fucking arsholes all them, CSA and pwc

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