They’re going to take our money to give it to a drug addict

August 21, 2013

Hi,well where i can start with the hell we had from CSA.

Firstly about 3 months ago my partner`s boys(twins) came to live with us away from there father who is a drug addict.After very bizzare circumstances as you could probably imagine we all have now settled But,we made a claim against the boys father with CSA that was all good and we are now recieving £5 a week only because he is a pensioner(and drug addict I know right ..)

Anyhow before when the boys were living with him there was claim against there mum but was all agreed between her and her ex,CSA were still involved but not taking any action,Now the boys are with us and her ex got instructed to pay up or rather being taken of his pension he turned around and said She didnt pay me anything for the period when the boys were with me,and we have been ordered to pay over £2k just before the school year commence and they have to study for their GCSE`s,we both work full time and they have orderd our employers to pay from our wages.

I know that we probably were mean to make a claim against him but it was shock to learn that he was a drug addict and was mistreating the boys,there was no food in their fridge all the benefits and pension he was getting went for drugs(crack-cocain).We didnt know about that untill the boys have had enough and told us about it.You see there was arrangement between my partner and her ex ,so she was paying him cash every now and again but we didn make any reciepts and thats the reason they want the money.At end of the day they are called Child SUPPORT agency but infact they are going to get the money from us(and the children)and give to a drug addict,I really dont know what more we can do. Please anyone??!!


  • gonk says:

    your mistake..making a claim against him and involving these dogs at the csa, seems pathetic for a fiver a week and knowing he is a drug addict, now its bitten you on the arse.You did it out of spite, I have no sympathy for you,was it worth the £5 a week?
    good luck

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