They won’t arrange a DNA test but they still take money!

July 6, 2013

My son has been cited as the father of a child who is about 7 months old. (dont know exactly as we have not been told anything about the child).

In February he was asked to pay up god knows how many hundreds of pounds in back payments but because he didnt deny parentage at that time basically the CSA have washed their hands and he still has to pay.

They wont arrange DNA tests as he didnt deny within 21 days but have the power to take money direct from his wages!!. I have spoken to them on his behalf stating why he didnt contact them which was because our daughter (his sister) had a car accident and was in a coma in intensive care (this obviously took precedent over anything else) and he didnt want to add to our worries and upset us any further. Please please please would someone give me some advice as to how to get some sort of Court Order to make her and the child take a DNA test.


  • pete says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the corrupt CSA, Join our group on face book
    CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY – RIPOFF’S, The csa are only interested in thier targets so that they can thier bonus,

  • Sally says:

    Hi there!! Speak with your local MP, get him/her involved as this is morally wrong!! The CSA should organise a DNA test… They are lying thieves who will do anything to keep themselves in jobs…

    Join the group Pete has mentioned too, but definitely try to harass your local MP into helping you…

  • Pete says:

    If they do not allow the test then they are commiting fraud, breachin your human rights, and if they continue to take momey despite you asking for a test, This is maladaministration, And cheers sally much appreicated,

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