They won’t allow me to appeal

May 7, 2014

Still arguing over the arrears assessment. They won’t tell me how they have arrived at the figure. And simply say it’s arrears from the start of the case 10yrs ago.

I am told I can’t appeal as it’s not been through the first stage of re-assessment and I haven’t been sent the right kind if notice before entering bye first tier appeal process, yet they have re calculated a figure and put an attachment to earnings.

The number of nights my children spend with me is also an issue as my ex simply says they don’t and they believe her!!


  • jo says:

    We also had this dilemma, my husband was stung for arrears from 1997-1999, with alot of complaining he in fact owed nil and over-paid the pwc £1800.00 that we won’t get back, pwc even lost her appeal saying she was entitled to this money. Make a written complaint outlining everything and then see your mp and say to this csa this is what you intend to do….it’s a long road but don’t give up if you know you are not in the wrong. Keep records of when you have the kids as this will work in your favour and be one step ahead. Good luck.

  • zmippy says:

    Thanks for responses. I have today managed to get a direct fax number ( not the national number or central mail collection point ! ) faxed an 11 page fax detailing their errors and action points I expect . Inc a request for full breakdown .
    Arrears started at £16000 then adjusted to £11000 , currently readjusted to just below £10k . They are still wrong . What’s worse is that they check with my ex and if she says ‘no’ to me making payments , she is believed on every point . It’s outrageous .
    See what happens after this fax . I’m also arguing the current assessment too .

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