They were taking double payments for 2 or 3 months

December 20, 2013

In January 2012 csa enforcement officers rang me demanding money, my reply was I paid my way to my daughter as I had a standing order going from my account to the x’s. They said if u don’t pay we will go to ur employer and get it and I said I have records of all the payments made every month and I never missed a month but go to my employer if that’s easier cause whatever I’m suppose to pay for my daughter I will, so they did go to my employer and my payments went from £60 that I was giving her as an agreement we had to only £37 and this was based on a weekly basis.

For part of the time in which I had bn paying csa they had bn taking double payments out of my wages for 2-3 months and when I rang them there response was yes I can c that but what we will do is adjust ur payments and u will b paying less which I had no option but to agree that, that’s how they pay me back after there mistake!!!!!

It’s now dec 2013 and they’ve decided now that I owe them arrears from jan 2012 cause they made another mistake!!!!! My payment now is to b £330 and I said I couldn’t afford that but the reply I got was you have to, so basically thanks to csa I’m gonna have to give my job up as it wouldn’t pay me to work and have such a big payment coming out of my wages. I’ll probably sign on the dole and not pay anything now as I don’t really av any other options, I’ve rang solicitors to find out my rights etc but seems csa’s mistake is gonna cost me a lot so if anybody has any advice r guidance on this it would b greatly appreciated


  • Woody says:

    Hi Andrew, write a letter of complaint, demand a breakdown of how they have put you in arrears, accuse them of maladministration and fraud.
    Most importantly go see your mp asap, with all payment proof, eg bank statements, wage slips. Tell your mp that they are commiting fraud and putting you into poverty and using you as an easy target for them to hit their monthly targets, explain that you have always paid and wish to continue to support your children, but will not accept this treatment.
    Ask your mp to investigate and also make a formal complaint to the csa.

    I hope this helps, i’m sure other members on here will be able to help further,

    Good luck,

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