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They try to confuse you with their mumbo jumbo

I’ve been ready through everyone’s stories and it seems everyone is having the similar problem as I have. Poor service, lack of communication and rudeness. I set up my claim in may 2016 and I have not received a penny and my ex keeps switching jobs and leaving a paper trail to get out of paying for our 4 year old.

I was told at first that one particular company who he was working for a while was keeping the funds and not passing them over to the Cms. So I kept on contacting the cms and they reassured me that it was the employer who owed te payment not my ex partner as they had set up the deduction on his wages so he didn’t pay them direct.

So I started making a complaint nod the mine field you have to go through is ridiculous they try to confuse you with all their mumbo jumbo to distract you from your actual complaint so I wrote a letter and it was passed to their arrears department when it was supposed to go to the complaints department and they tried to handle my claim after speaking with mangers previously they were trying to tell me all sorts like they didn’t even know if the company my ex was working for even existed! (This was coming from a mangager by the way) but j stuck to my guns and carried on with my complaint witch was passed to senior manager who is dealing with my claim and has forwarded my case to consolatory payments department to see if j can get compensation I dunno if I will get any compensation and how much I will get and I was wondering if anybody has had one of these payments before. All the lies that has been told has bought me to te verge of tears.

One thought on “They try to confuse you with their mumbo jumbo

  1. Jenny,
    I wouldn’t believe a word the csa/cms have to say.
    They LIE about everything and cover each others arses!!!
    They are only interested in their bonus.
    They are more than likely holding onto your childrens maintenance and telling you they can’t get hold of your ex.
    Believe me they do this all the time.
    They prevent you and your ex from sorting things out between you, because they will play you both off against each other.
    Why do you think it’s called csa hell?
    It’s hell for everyone involved, you your ex and the children.

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