They told me I shouldnt see my daughter and pay children

December 6, 2011

My ex took our daughter and moved away. By the time I found him it was so late, court has given my daughter to him, never mind that was another joke in my life, the problem with CSS is that, after they calculated what I should be paying him I told them as he moved so far away it costs me so much money to travel and I can’t afford to pay that much, they told me that I shouldnt see me daughter twice a month and see her only once!

My ex is a healthy man and last 15 years he is on benefits, so that he will never be homeless, he has his mum leaving with him too he gets more support with his mum and plus a living in girlfriend on benefits of course too, the thing I don’t understand is if my daughter is looked after well why is it important that he gets the money for her and i am advised to not to see my daughter. What is more important for my child to spend time with me or her father to get more money to spend on what ever he wants?

When I told them that I read that they should reduce the payment it as I travel they told me I can have either 52 day reduction or travel reduction. CSA is a total joke.


  • martin dell says:

    prime example of courrupt court ,bitter exs ,and the csa rapistist sry to say this happen to most fathers
    pwc get all and nrp left with f all

  • Marc says:

    I Drive 840 miles per month to see my daughter through no fault of my own, and have to stay in hotels. CSA called me yesterday and said they had reviewed the details and “every little helps we’ve reduced your payments by £2 per week”……….. pointless. Of course i’m grateful to save £104 per year… but it doesnt make a dent in the 210 mile journey to see her, or the 210 mile journey home. The reduction is £6 short of paying for one round trip and a night in the cheapest motel i can find.

  • Anu says:

    The system is not right, it is sad, because most of the time it is very difficult to see my daughter as I struggle to pay travel costs to see her. I have written to my MP, explained her the situation, she did investigate for me and got back to me saying unfortunately what is calculated is right and I can’t treat you differently as you are not the only one in this situation. I have also told her that my ex was in benefits and even I work full time I am in a lot worst position than he is! When I calculate all the benefits he gets including housing and counsil tax he is better of more than £1000 than I am. When we were going through court I had limit on my legal aid every time I was about to exceed the amount I had to reapply! But he never, even I am paying for my legal aid plus paying my tax still he was better off than I was! I feel like even working full time I can’t afford to live as good as the people on benefits, the system sucks. My Hard owned tax goes to people who doesn’t deserve it, like him, saying that it is not his fault, he is not educated or has any skills, can you imagine him going back to work, he won’t be able to afford not to be in benefits, benefit system is too good to come out of it. I also asked my MP that can you blame all the teenagers getting pregnant and having babies at early age!

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