They seem to be allowing him to control the situation

June 11, 2013

Hi my ex had made regular payments up till 4 months ago when he was asked to pay the shared care element. It was stopped last yr as he didn’t have the children 52 times as he should of.

I was awarded the £50 a month back plus arrears of £54 months. But he refuses to pay he canceled his direct debit and made a card payment of what he thinks he should pay. the CSa tried to get him to set a new dd up the next month, he was allowed another card payment of again what he thinks he should pay. he set a new dd up which then failed. he made a card payment again, less then he should but the CSa say they have to take what be offers.

They sent me out a new schedule and was promised this month a large payment but yet again the dd was still suspended from last month and yet again he made a card payment of £134 less then he should. surely by now they should go direct to his wages I call the CSa at least twice a month for the last 6 month dealing with this and shared care argument ..

They seem to allow him to control the situation.


  • brett says:

    He’s a clever man. Can you give me his details, so he can advise on how not to be robbed every month by the thieving, lying, deceitful, vile and corrupt CSA.

  • Wayne perry says:

    You parents with the child at home need to be more thankful that you can sit on your arse all day not having to pay for the life you live because you are on benefits, stop taking off parents that are trying to do the right thing, your leaving us with nothing after our bills!

  • brett says:

    If the CSA had one fair reasonable system with the same % of maintenance paid by everyone, then I’d have some sympathy for you.
    However some people are on CSA1, others CSA2 and it will be another shambles when CSA3 is phased in.
    There’s NRP’s overpaying, underpaying and not paying at all.
    The CSA target the NRP’s who are already paying with “made up arrears.”

  • Kerry says:

    You should all be ashamed of your selfs for slagging off this lady you don’t no her situation she may work full time and not claim benefits .. Maybe her ex left her supporting her kids he also has a financial responsibility to his kids .. You men think you can have kids leave and not be responsible … Go girl get what you deserve and men take heed individual case are different just as your situations don’t judge people till u no full story

  • brett says:

    I can only comment on what the lady has written,

  • Sue says:

    We’re does she say she on benefit and sitting on her bum . I do no this lady !! She was left alone with her children she works hard and pay s her mortgage on her own her children are very well brought up and polite and doing very well at school .. This lady is not a skank not at all .. She pays for everything because that’s her job as a mother she doesn’t what a slap on the back but deserves for the father to contribute instead of going off making babies elsewhere then deciding cause it suits him he don’t wont to pay. If he had the kids on sleep overs she wouldn’t mind getting stopped but he doesn’t .. So like the other lady said be ashamed for calling her names .. This is bullying so yes be ashamed !! Men how would you feel if this was your sister just asking for advise to be then called names like skank that’s just dam rite discussing …

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