They paid my CSA to the wrong mum!

May 7, 2014

I have full care and custody of my 4 year old daughter. Her father my ex also has another son who is 9. He had always paid his sons mum support every week but then she contacted csa and denied it claiming arrears, we had no proof so ended up paying again.

When we seperated we agreed to go through csa so they would take in to account both children. After a year with no payments csa tell me they had payed my daughters support to the wrong mum on top of her own payments!

So she had double ive had zilch!

Now they tell me not to worry they will take it off dad again in arrears!!! I say No!! He paid once your mistake you give it to me! No we cant recoup only say we are sorry!! Wtf!! Now dads out of work and im told tough!!

I demand transcripts of all my calls they say thsts against data protection!! Really?? THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT?? ITS MY INFORMATION WERE IS THE BREACH IN DATA PROTECTION!!

Any advice?? Not letting her dad get shafted again but i need support for my daughter! My wages are low as i work pt and study!


  • jo says:

    The csa can recoup the payments off of the other pwc so that’s crap…..write a stern letter of complaint and see your mp. Best of luck, you see how the csa screw over decent nrps.

  • Lisa says:

    Make a complaint and get them to put you onto the special payments department, there cock up they should reimburse you in full and reclaim the cash from the ex they paid it to

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