They make you feel totally worthless

February 22, 2014

Been paying for my son through the CSA for 15 years then last year received a letter stating I owe 4500 in backdate from 2005.the CSA sent a deduction of earnings to my employer which left me feeling crap as its non of my works buisness.why send anything to my work when I’ve paid all these years… can a lad earning 1000 a month be made to pay 333.92.this leaves me with not enough to live on nevermind paying for my other child

So maybe will have to give up my work and sit on dole,I feel totally worthless as that’s the way they make you tell you the truth I may as well not be here,the CSA is guna push me over the edge.course I want to pay for my son he my flesh n blood n would Neva stop paying for him but fares fare and don’t feel like the CSA is been fare


  • Pete says:

    Dan, are the arrears correct, how why, join csa ripoffs find us on face book mate and we will greet you the help you need

  • Gonk says:

    @ mick
    I understood the charge only applies if one of the parents is being obstructive and then having to drag the claim through the system where they enforce it. Anyone please clarify this ???

  • jo says:

    Hi gonk, I think you’re right, the fee applies to those who
    obstruct and if it goes through the agency a % is deducted from pwc and nrp….but nrp, you’ve guessed it has more taken, even if they didn’t have a problem going maintenance direct in the first place. The fee is waived if domestic violence is evident.

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