They lied to me to buy time

March 27, 2014

First letter I ever received from the csa was in 2012 which I contacted them straight away told them I refuse to pay for a child I don’t see and is not biologically mine, then conversation got a bit more heated, and the person at the csa became very rude by “so your refusing to pay?”

I said would you, & then he said so you think it’s acceptable to create these children and not pay for them? Which got me really angry, to which they told the case had been going on since 2008, I said I’m not paying for a child that is not mine and that I want a DNA test done, they refused to help as the case had been opened to long, I could see I was not getting anywhere fast, so my last words was i’m not paying it and ended the call I never heard nothing again till recently February 2014 at my new address.

It was a assessment for attachment of earnings, which was incorrect said I was single with 1 child, i’m married with 2 children, so contacted again told them there assessment is wrong, and the child isn’t mine still refusing to help me, told me I need to do my own private dna, I said I don’t mind paying for the dna, the csa said but we wouldn’t get involved in that, yet again I was getting nowhere, so I contacted c.a.b, they said I will need to arrange a dna, so I contacted csa again, told them I’d been in touch with c.a.b, was gonna take it further, cause the child is not mine & there assessment is wrong.

Then the woman said hold the line please, then after about 10mins came back and offers me a dna test said can do it 1 of 2 ways either I pay up front and if not mine will refund the money or csa will pay and if mine I will have to pay the money for the test, I opted for the csa to pay and I said so what happens now, we contact you in a couple of weeks by letter to contact your doctor to arrange to have the swab done, so I have to do anything just wait for this letter? She said yes.

Then received a letter a couple of weeks later but not the letter I was waiting on, it was an attachment of earnings for £375.00 to start the 226th March, so I contacted the csa yet again, said that I’d received a letter of attachment of earnings, but no letter for a dna, he said why would we send you a letter for that? As we wouldn’t get involved in that now, I explained the conversation with the woman a couple of weeks ago, he said I can only apologise for what you was told, at this point you can imagine I was fuming, to which I responded I feel like I’ve been messed about just for you buying time to get this attachment of earnings started.

All kept saying was all I can i’m sorry for what you was told, I said sorry that means nothing to me, sorry ent gonna pay my bills and feed my family your sorry is costing me a 3rd of my wages, I ended the call by saying you haven’t heard the last of this!!!!

So I got friend to draft me up a letter of complaint, which I sent recorded delivery, then I contacted the c.a.b again, explained what had gone on, they logged everything that had gone on, onto their computer, said I need to write a letter of complaint, said I’ve already done that showed a copy of the letter I sent, he said OOk they have to respond within 15 days, which was Monday 24th March.

So contacted on 25th March, to be told hold the line will put you through to your case worker, was on hold for about 10mins, he then came back and said can’t put you through at the moment, can I take your number and get them to call you back, and I said how long will that be? He said within 24 hrs and im still waiting.

And so it still continues…..
Still being messed about by them…
And still not getting anywhere…
And paying for a child that isn’t mine. …

Any advice would be gratefully received.


  • Lisa says:

    Get your mp on board ASAP, this will get you started, join child support agency ripoffs on Facebook we can provide you with email addresses of the idiots at the CSA never ring them, all they do is lie

  • rach says:

    right the only way your going to get a dna test done now is by having a declaration of parentage hearing which is done at your local magistrates court they will order a dna test to be done ! good luck and get the parentage form filled out quick as this will take a few months

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