They left me with £79 to live on

May 28, 2013

im 44 years old and have not got a full time job.I work when I can get it the csa take money off me when I get it I don’t mine that because the child is mine its the amont they take off me.The csa tell me I have to pay back money I owe.

One week they had taken 180 pounds and left me 79 pounds to live on its all a joke


  • eddie says:

    Discrimination, abuse, neglect, poverty, All great government policies. time to stick together contact me at [email protected] we need to stand and march together to let the country know about the atrocities this agency gets away with……

  • karl says:

    To right lets do it the csa is a big joke we all Have do it like the edl

  • C Hellyer says:

    My husband has to pay a previous csa debt for 4 children who are now aged 27to 22 to his ex obviously of whom no longer supports the dependants . However we do not DISPUTE the debt and now have 3 young children together . The ex has requested the money be paid back at the highest rate allowed of 33% . Csa are not bothered we have 3 kids to feed and again not disputing paying her but when she has only got herself to support now and works I feel we should be given some grace with regards being able to keep our house and feed our young children csa say its not their problem if we lose our home so thats it .

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