They have the evidence – why won’t they do anything?

September 3, 2013

I contacted the CSA as my ex had not paid the maintenance,I ask them what they intend to do about it, as there was already a liability order in place.

They said they would look to see what they could do, and they may be able to get the money direct from his salary. No progress was being made weeks went by then months and i kept calling regularly to get updates, but they were not doing any thing.

Then out of the blue i received a letter from them saying that the payment had been reviewed and as my ex was now on carers allowance he did not need to pay any maintenance. I called them and reminded them that he had not paid for 3 months anyway and there was also £700+ arrears so what are they going to do about that.

I also asked them how can he be working full time earning in excess of £250 a week and claiming cares allowance, because you have to be earning less than £100 per a week if you are on carers allowance they could not answer this, but advised to to contact the benefit fraud department. They are unable to do anything.

I found this amazing that they had the evidence in front of them, that my ex was commuting benefit fraud but yet they were not chasing him for money. My new partner call the fraud people and gave them all the information this was about a month ago. I have now received another letter from the CSA telling me that not only his there no payments due to me because he is claiming carers allowance but also this is to be back dated 20 months as he has been claiming carers benefit all that time and i will have to pay back anything he has paid over that period.

I called them again and told them that he could not be claiming carers allowance because he has worked full time over this period and there for it must be fraud but they were not interested they just said under the law regardless to if he is fraudulently claiming or not, because he is currently receiving this benefit he does not have to pay anything and yes i am expected to repay all the monies he has paid since Dec 2011. and there is nothing they can do. they advised me to contact the fraud people again.

I told them that i had already report the fraud and explain my situation with the CSA they just said there is nothing they can do they are only there to gather information. so i ask well who can i talk to, to get some form of justest and the reply i got was you can’t. i have to wait until an investigation has been completed and this could take months. so i asked what can i do for money I’m not getting the maintenance, I’m not getting the arrears and iv got to pay him what he’s paid me over the last 20 months, even through he is the one who is doing the fraud and if he wasn’t he would have to pay me.

again they told me there was nothing they could do and CSA are saying the same. So the innocent suffer while the guilty are protected, This is all wrong and needs to be changed, and regarding receiving a benefit and then not having to pay maintenance. if you have a child living with you and your on benefits you are still expected to feed, cloth them ect. you would not turn round and say i’m not benefits so i don’t pay towards my child’s living expenses. I am so angry


  • Bella says:

    I’m not sure what you expect them to do? Take your word for it that’s he’s pretending to be on carer’s allowance and give you money anyway? Think it through!

    If you’ve reported him for fraud (nice) then you’ll have to wait and see what happens. If they prosecute him then he’ll go bankrupt, go to prison or whatever. the CSA still won’t give you any money.

    Can your new partner who reported your ex for fraud not help support you? I can’t really see how you’re worried about what you’ll do for money if there are two of you in the household. If you have two incomes you’ll be fine.

    Not much you can do from here.

  • Jason says:

    Bella….. are you right in the head? This child in question is not her new partners child? And yes if her x is committing benefits FRAUD then why should he not be reported?

    I think people forget that when you are in a couple you learn what the other person is capable of… ie fraud!

  • sean says:

    That was a bit harsh from Bella, I agree with the author of the first thread. the father should not get away with not paying for his child, he has a legal responsibility under European law to pay a per portion of his child’s living expenses. and the fact he is fraudulently claiming carers allowance this should have been pick up and dealt with but the government agency. For them to have the evidence in front of them of the fraud and then to tell her she has to pay him money back is wrong. and regardless of their current financial situation with her new partner that has nothing to do with it. they may well have financial problem even more so if they have had to fight through the courts. that can cost thousands. why should her new partner have to pay for a child that is not his and he has no parental rights over. I have a friend that was with a partner for 2 years bringing her little daughter up and her ex complained to social services that my friend had disciplined the child with a tap on the leg when the little girl was having a tantrum. social service told my friend that as he was not the father he had no rights and therefor he did not have the right to discipline the child he had to sign a agreement that he would no longer discipline the child using any bodily contact. So why should a partner who has no PR towards the child be made to pay for the child living expenses when the father should pay his share. I also feel the way the CSA have handled this case and the benefit fraud department is disgraceful and she is right what she says “So the innocent suffer while the guilty are protected” it seems to be that way in most matter theses days. A great example of this is legal aid. if you commit a crime you can get legal aid, if your the victim you can’t get legal aid even if you have no money.

  • karen says:

    Welcome to the corrupt system that is played by many while others suffer. I dont know what you can do, the system is unfair because people are playing it. Good luck.

  • Gonk says:

    Well said Bella…and Michelle, indeed why are you even bothering? You have a partner…get on with it, as bella says,he’s done for fraud and goes bankrupt, where’s that gonna get you any money ? Perhaps you just want bloody vengeance like a lot of women.
    Karen Bedford…you ,you know how to play the system for sure…you done well out of the tax payer didn’t you.

  • Alex says:

    The system is a joke! Get in touch with your local MP and tell them everything!
    You can not depend on Maintenance as an income.
    Good Luck

  • dai says:

    don’t think much of your new partner?

    what do your kids think of him dobbin in their Dad?

  • Michelle Lambert says:

    I must admit i am quite surprised by the responses that have appeared since i put my comments up. Maybe i did not make things clear enough but i was trying to keep the my story short
    Bella – My new partner does support me and my daughter but that’s not the point, My ex should pay towards his daughter that is why there is such a thing as maintenance payments and the CSA the only reason he is not paying towards his daughter is because he would rather spend the money in the pub or on his new girlfriend. the fact that i have found out that he’s committing fraud and the CSA told me i would have to pay him money as well, just leaves a very sour taste in the mouth.
    Karen- Thank you i think you understand my point
    Gonk- I am not after vengeance in any way the system is set up to be fair to both parents if it’s done correctly. but if one one parent decides to not play fair then there seems to be little help by the government to the other parent
    Alex- Thank you for your advise intend to contact my MP and i do not depend on the maintenance. it not about the money really. however it may be for some people
    Dai- you may not think much to my new partner but at lease he’s there for me, he is a great role model for my daughter. he is a hard working law abiding citizen and will do anything for me and my daughter to love, care and protect us. My daughter is too young to understand and i would not involve her in theses adult issues even if you was old enough to understand.

  • Mr.Whitey says:

    “Welcome to the corrupt system that is played by many while others suffer. I dont know what you can do, the system is unfair because people are playing it. Good luck.”

    And the biggest players of the system are the scumbag cockroaches of the CSA.

  • Karen says:

    The fathers think they can walk away find a new woman have more children and forget about the one they had in their life for 7 years! And leave u as a struggling single mum to provide food clothes schooling etc on your own, while they have nothing to do with that poor child who is heart broken lost and possibly damaged, because his daddy doesn’t want to see him speak to him or acknowledge him, after having a relationship with him for 7 years, then just walks away as if he didn’t exist ! While then slapping it in his face through his uncaring grandmother telling him he has a new half brother and sister, that he will never know who are strangers to him through his fathers doing! NO sorry take them for all they can I say, think about those children not the idiot fathers that don’t give two hoots!!!!

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