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They have started on me again!!

Hi all, I’m now in the grips of the dreaded CSA again after many years of no problems, after the ICE got involved first time round! Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder which has led to me losing one job, and struggling to hold down another. They have been written to, by my psychiatrist, and I have also given them permission to speak to him, explaining that I suffer severe depressions, including thoughts of suicide, and basically to ‘cut me some slack’ or end up with another one being carried out in a wooden box!! During this time I have tried to make payments to the CSA using S/O, but they have refused to give me any details. I have no literature relating to this method either as last time they just went in with a DEO. I have learned that this is not the correct procedure and that I am supposed to be offered the chance of S/O. Due to my job loss, I now have arrears. They are now demanding that I pay £108 a week out of £250!! I’m also on WFTC due to low income, and have a mortgage to pay!!

Anyways, I have now had 3 letters in 2 days! One stating that I have to pay x amount and including the S/O details. The following day I get a letter saying that a DEO has been issued and at the same time I get a copy of the DEO, with nothing filled in, addressed to my employer! I am at a loss as to what to do about it. I resent calling them as they always lie and fob you off. I have told them in the past that calls will be recorded, only to have the phone put down on me.

I have no problem paying for my child, I just want to be treated fairly. I’m now feeling quite depressed again, and contemplating quiting my job, but I know that will only make matters worse. I’m wishing that I could just leave this hell behind, but that would mean leaving my current wife and 3 children with no husband or father. I don’t know which way to turn. Does anyone on here have any advice??


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  1. Sounds about right for this unlawful bunch of morons Chris, the DEO was favourabvle to these idiots but now under the new laws that were passed earlier this year ( which are actually illegal but thats another matter as it will render them now liable to prosecution) the first method of payment is by DEO and they will not care if you are suffering any illness, whether you lose your home or whether the second family suffers, all they hide behind is the fact they are reducing child poverty by 2010 however they cannot tell us what percentage of child poverty is caused through parents splitting up, we asked Kitty Ussher that question when we had our meeting with her and she sort of said erm erm we erm sort of go off lone parents,, what a load of rubbish its all a smoke screen Chris, even Barnados cannot answer our question or Anita Myfanwy at End Child Poverty Campaign CYMRU stated that figures were taken from lone parents, lone parents could be mothers who have beeen widowed but we cannot get a straight forward answers from anybody to state what percentage of child poverty is caused through parents splitting up. You would have thought that an Agency using this motto would have a figure either displayed publicly to back up how they are reducing child poverty and to state that child poverty is caused through fathers leaving mothers, uinfortunately their silence or their skipping around the question means it is a smoke screen to rake in more revenue for the Government.

    Do not worry if they are stating you owe all these arrears, the main thing to do is keep records of all the letters you sent in to them eexplaining your circumstances, make sure you send all correspondence special delivery so you know they have received it and it then proves they are deliberatly ignoring you, then if they threaten you with a lIability order either through the corrupt court system or their new in house Liability Order procedure you need to contact us at dead beat dads because we have stopped bailiff action for one of our members due to exposing the illegal activity of the CSA, the corrupt action of the Magistrates Court at Accrington and also the illegal activity of Marstons bailiffs, now they are trying to cover up their tracks and get out of things but we are preventing them from doing so, so rest assured we can help you and just watch this space shortly because the CSA/CMEC are going to come unstuck with what we and a few other groups have lined up for them.
    Dead Beat Dad

  2. Your more than welcome to have a look at ~ we also have a busy forum.

    afairercsaforall was created in April 08, the forum already has 540 + members ~ there is no membership fee and we request no financial contribution to aid the running of either website.

    We offer support both resident and non resident parents.

    Best wishes to you all for a Happy New Year x

  3. Well, I give up with them now. I have called three different offices to track down my case worker! All I have received is a fob off. I have asked for peoples full names for my records, and been denied by the little hitlers on the phone, so I took my own (indirect action). I now have an arrangement with my employer whereby I only work 4 days a week, which means they get half of what the DEO was for. I’m not bothered that it will take a bit longer to clear the ‘alleged’ arrears, as we have all been told that we will be made redundant at the end of Feb!!
    What really hacks me off is that I was unemployed for 6 months and they still issued a liability order. My wifes ex has been long term sick for six months and she gets nothing as he has a zero liability!! A rule for one, and a rule for the others eh?

  4. well hello to any body who read this. im in the same sort of trouble. have got 3 grown up children of 21. 19. 17 and last september i got a letter from the csa saying that i owed them 22000 pounds. evan though i had been paying my x for years whenever she wanted money. but because i didnt let the csa no my dept just kept getting bigger & bigger. they have set up a DEO for 728.56 each month since september 08. i only earn 1500 per month and have struggled REALLY BAD since. they say that they dont take your bills into concidaration ie electric gas water sewage etc. am now at the stage where i think i cant take it anymore.
    can anybody help

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