They have been sending my information to the wrong address

May 23, 2014

Just found out today the CSA have been sending my post to another address when i asked for an updated schedule she had the wrong address.

I said so are you telling me for 2 years you have been sending my sesative inforamation to another address, yes she said but it didnt have my national insurance number on? lol

Im currently writing a complaint to them and the internal investigations teams in Sheffield and Newcastle I’ve found enough letters and complaints in the past has worked to getting my arrears lowerd to a manageable payment this time tho they’ve surly breached serious data protection laws for 2 years!!!

Will keep updates?

Have I got good ground?


  • Spicer Dicer says:

    Good grounds for what???

    CSA/CMS are above the law in almost all areas, even more so than the Inland Revenue. As an agency they cannot be held liable for virtually anything.

  • Dan says:

    Almost certain they will be help accountable for breaking data protection law for 2 years the parliamentary ombusmand are looking into it there’s a similar example case on there site the person got a written apology and £2k comp see for yourself on the site, I don’t care if it costs me money in stamps :)) they’ve broke the law due to a proven failed it system and incompetent staff my mp has agreed to forward my complaint to the ombusmand enough fuss / letters makes them act

  • Pb says:

    Did you inform them of a change of address?

  • Dp says:

    2 years ago I told them I live at number 2 I even written in a complaint since them they have been sending my mail to 1-3 it turns out

  • This evening, 17/10/2016, my wife contacted the CSA as to enquire if my final monthly payment had been processed & making sure that the case was now closed!, my wife went through the usual security questions, passed then got told that I had £940 arrears!, even although the incompetent staff hadn’t changed our address, we notified them over 1 year ago!, she passed the security with our new address yet the CSA idiots had our old address!!. Our local CSA office at Falkirk, who have been fine with us have all our new details, yet our call went through to Barnsley!!, who just do not have a clue or any of our correct details!, why not?, because they’re incompetent!, Michelle who my wife spoke to, blatantly had NO clue as to what she was doing!, she then told my wife that I owed the arrears, yet the CSA set up the percentage to be deducted from my monthly wages at point of my employer prior to me receiving my monthly wages yet these unprofessionall, useless individuals at the CSA now inform me that I owe arrears!!,..Eh I don’t think so!,… this clearly states on paper that the CSA do not & cannot operate with professionalism and Mathematical Competence!!
    THE STORY ONLY GETS BETTER!!,… After the CSA representative called Michelle mumbled & stuttered to my wife that there is arrears ( which are not possible), she then let slip that MY PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE from the CSA had been getting posted to our previous address of over a year ago!!,.. Now let’s think about this for a minute, the CSA has now breached The Data Protection Act by sending MY,….. National Security Number, Sons details, bank account number & Sort code, my name etc to whom I know are dodgy people who rent my old address!!, I now have to change bank accounts & watch all personal details for a long time!!!. Just how stupid, neglectful and unprofessionall are the CSA.
    I have been told that I have receive a phone call from a team leader tomorrow, 18/10/2016,…I bet I don’t!!
    I would think that I am due compensation from this Poorly operated DWP department am I not. I have demanded a written apology from Michelle as is clear within our recorded telephone conversation.
    I am also going to demand as an apology that any, if any arrears be written of as an apology.
    Anyone is more than welcome to contact me at [email protected], all legal advise would be great fully appreciated.

  • Jonathan says:

    If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’d be very interested to know which CSA “coven” you were dealing with.
    Mine were Plymouth, Kircaldy and Belfast.
    They claim crucial time-sensitive mail was sent, yet oddly (and very conveniently for them) never received!
    Is this a pattern?..
    [email protected]

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