They expected me to pay £3,000 in one go!

December 10, 2013

I have been paying the csa now for 14 years for two children. my first born i have not seen since she was one years old and then i had to pay and take my ex to court to get access when she was born but all i got was an hour every other weekend with my ex there! so to be honest it was horrible and she made it so uncomfortable and although it was heart breaking i gave up. my second born i see all the time in the week weekends and have done since i left my ex when she was four.

I have never ignored my duties as a father but the csa are ruthless and completely dis-organised. i have missed payments and ignored them, i have also changed jobs to avoid them, i have even stooped as low as to accept a minimum wage job to pay as little as i can. And do you know why i have done this? because the csa DO NOT take the woman’s circumstances into account and i don’t care what any of you say this is wrong! now my ex earns the best part of £30.000 a year her partner earns around the same and they live together, my other ex works full time and is happily married with her husband who works full time too, now bare in mind i haven’t seen one daughter since she was one years old the other i see regularly, i got off the phone with the csa on friday and havnt paid for 3 months as had a new job which they have tracked me down at. so my monthly payment is now with the arrears over £100 per week. it made me feel sick i just wanted to curl up and die to be honest! its disgusting, we should all be treated on a fair basis and both sides should be evaluated before any decision is made. I really don’t know what i will do to be honest as i just cant afford that on my wage. and do you know the funniest part of my conversation with the csa was on Friday? the cold caller asked my if i had a card and could i make a payment for the arrears today! about £3000!!!

yeah hang on mate il just get my gold card out and sort that for you because i have that sort of money around Christmas time! The csa is a badly run organisation that focuses too much on the weaker ones that they can pick on rather than focusing on the fathers that really don’t give a shit. I’ve always been there for my daughter and always will be but i wont line the pockets of the government or my ex.