They don’t take the man’s situation account

September 9, 2013

my ex committed adultery. we got divorced and she remained in the family home with our 3 children. the lawyer worked out maintenance payments. my ex threw my teenage daughter out of the family home and she lived with me for 2 years before getting her own place.

my ex sold the family home and moved to Newcastle with my youngest daughter…asking me to support her with the move and assure my youngest that we would see as much of each other as usual ???(I live in Reading)

CSA sent me a breakdown of an amount I would be paying for my youngest (despite the fact that I had never missed a maintenance payment and paid for a lot more besides when asked)and then CSA increased this amount due to the fact that I no longer saw my daughter for the required days (this due to the fact that me ex took her to Newcastle?) my daughter turns 19 this month and CSA say that I cannot stop maintenance payments until they consider it to be time?

they do not take a mans situation or circumstances into account and they give women the ability to rip a mans heart out and bleed him dry. if they are so unrealistic why are they still operating…it is the same old story that only decent hardworking people will be affected as if I didnt work there would be nothing for the CSA to take? do they take a percentage for their troubles because no company could be that nasty for free! thankyou for allowing us to air our views.


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  1. Michael Davies on September 9th, 2013 9:58 am

    Together we can change the csa. The law needs to be changed and its not hard for them to use their brain. and this is one reason why. Fathers do need to pay for their children but the way in which payments are worked out needs to change. Like payments are worked out after LIFE bills and taken into account first like food rent etc. Then they also needs to look at the full household income of the mother and take that into account so the money doze go to mums who really do need it not mums who want the use it to pay their new car off why you cant pay your rent.. They need to stop taking into account working tax credits and child tax credits on the fathers side as an income also. Also if the mother will not let you see you kids you should pay less. It the mother gets married or moves in a new partner then that’s a family unit and a parent who hardy sees their child should not pay a full amount. Like this if you agree and for this to change everyone being used as a money cow needs to come together to have there vice heard. Maybe everyone wright a letter to your MP telling what’s happened to you and tell em you want how its worked out to change all on the same day lol? Its not going change by just griping about it on here.

  2. Fred on September 11th, 2013 12:10 pm

    I agree Michael however; no one seems to want to do anything to change this and just want to moan about it. i have been ripped apart finacially and emotionally however; i am in a room full of people shouting and no body cares.

    I know i am not alone however; there is nothing i can do. oh my MP is a waste of space

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