They are asking for more than I even earn!

May 28, 2014

Hello there, I need some help or advice please? the other day I received notification from the CSA that they are going to start taking the sum of £471 a month off me through ‘Deduction from Wages Order’ for arrears of £14,239 that they say I owe.

This sum is more than I even earn in some months so I just can not afford to pay that amount.

I’ve tried to contact them to discuss this issue but they refused to talk to me on the grounds that I failed to answer their ‘security questions’ correctly. I don’t understand that either because the answers I gave to their questions were absolutely correct.

I’m not disputing that I may owe them some arrears, I just wanted to know how they got it to such a crazy amount and why they were going to try and take off me more than I earn?

This action will now affect the maintenance that I pay for my 8 year old daughter because I will no longer have the money to pay her, which will then probably end up as yet another CSA case.

I’d welcome any advice or help you can offer, thank you.


  • Bill says:

    They can only take a maximum of 40% of your income in any one month and your employers are tasked with making sure this is adhered to.
    Any months there is a shortfall, the amount will be added to your arrears.
    Best come to an agreement like you have with your daughter and get the CSA out of your life.
    Do not telephone them, send all letters recorded delivery and keep copies.

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