They admitted it was their fault yet I still have this debt

April 13, 2014

I contacted the CSA in 2000 after my partner and I split up . I have two child , and contacted the CSA in order to pay maintenance for my kids.

Over the years I have always notified them of any changes in my circumstance’s and paid any of the money owing to the support of my children.

It all went wrong in 2006 , when I notified them of a job change , and it took them a year to get back to me as to how much I should have paid . This as now resulted in me having problems from then on, and I now have a debt of £12000.

I have contacted the agency numerous time’s , written to them for a full investigation into my account , which they did , and they have admitted that they have made mistakes in the past and it was their fault , but I am still having to pay the debt off .

At the moment of writing this , they have informed me that they have just added another £500 to the debt . Where do they get these figure’s from?

I will be paying this debt off until I am 60. Can anyone suggest what I do now?


  • John says:

    If you haven’t been all ready, go to your local M.P. for help and use them as a complaints mechanism regarding the CSA. Serious and prolonged maladministration should be directed to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

    Ask the CSA for a full breakdown of any alleged arrears, and challenge them regarding the alleged arrears and the whole circumstances of your case.

    Don’t roll over and lie down, with these incompetent b–tards.

    Good luck.

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