These amazing fathers are being treated as absent dads

December 23, 2013

Please can someone help and advise me. Me and my ex partner split when he was 4 months old and as we both adore him we came to an agreement that we both see him equal amounts and we both pay and look after him as seperate loving parents.

I have him 3 nights of the week and she has him 3 nights of the week and he stays with his nan once a week. He is now 5 years old and after an argument with my sons mother she has now gone to the csa out of spite and is claiming money from me. She gets nearly £100 off me, £80 a month from child benefit and is entitled to tax credits where as i recieve nothing. Technically i look after him more than her as i pick him up and take him to school where as she doesnt.

To make matters worse they have backdated her claim and the csa have left me with £515 in my wage and after all of my bills have been paid i will not be able to afford petrol for the month, food for the month and my sons birthday party but she can go on a holiday with her friends. Please please help on this one as there are so many amazing fathers out there who are being treated the same as absent ones because some women abuse the system and use it as a weapon to inflict as much stress as possible 🙁


  • Tina says:

    If you go to the dwp and explain how many nights you have your child you should be entitled to half the help too x please check out my blog

  • dave says:

    Put in a counter claim against her.

  • John says:

    Firstly, don’t speak to the CSA by phone. Get everything in writing. The CSA lie through their teeth. Keep all documents as evidence.

    If matters continue to get worse, go to your M.P. with al the information you have.

    As Dave says. Contact the CSA to counter claim.

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