The Wrongs Of CSA

July 15, 2011

I have read through so many stories from all over the web about the mistakes and abuse of the CSA.

It doesnt seem to matter to the people at CSA how unfair they treat all the men out there aslong as they rape you for as much money as they can.

Ive been with my partner for 8 months now before i met him i never heard of CSA & now to this day i hate them. When my partner was contacted by CSA they back dated him and demanded he pay 300 pounds by a certain date which was a couple of days before christmas and they told him if he didnt pay they would take him to court.

On top of that My partner spent 6 months without seeing his daughter because his ex didnt like him having a new partner and within them 6 months he still had to pay 90 pounds every 2 week’s which to me is a hell of alot of money when you dont get to see your own kid(s). Now he’s getting to see his daughter and has her 4 nights a week & still has to pay 90 pounds which is even worse when his ex only has the child 3 nights. He has called and called CSA but they always tell him they cant do anything about it which once again is unfair.

It doesnt seem to bother them if your getting to see your kid(s) or not or if your short for money after they have raped you for so much of your money aslong as they get it they don’t care. It’s wrong that they can do what they are doing and get away with it and it’s just not the CSA it’s all the women out there that go through CSA just so they can get more money out of their ex-partners.

CSA need to sort out their system and realise not everyone is made of money and can afford the amount they demand.

If anyone out there has any advice for my partner and me then please share.


  • Peter Jeffrey Gale says:


    I used to get wound up by the constand the standard computer generated letters forever changing the amount I was expected to pay each month.

    It’s unfair I know, but just pay a regular amount by standing order ensuring that you keep at least a little in credit and then forget about the letters as best you can.


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