The weekly payments are coming through to me monthly – this will never work out!

October 25, 2013

the csa are collecting payments from my ex on a deduction of earnings.on the schedule it has a weekly amount, yet the payments come in monthly for a four week amount. I have explained that it will never work out right due to being four weeks down every year.

arrears are being collected at 60p a week due to a struggle getting money in the first place. but it is already down by over £100 for last year.

I ring every month, ive complained three times but I don’t seem to get anywhere. I did write to ICE after the first complaint but it was rejected as the complaint hadn’t been given sufficient time to resolve.

the payments are being deducted as they have been asked to, but the csa have not asked them properly.

what should my next course of action be?

hope it makes sense!!!


  • derek miller says:

    why is the poster a leach? PWC’s deserve some assistance, and you dont know why this person is a PWC? maybe the NRP bolted of with some one else? we should all try and support our children financially, just not to the near slavery conditions the CSA set. Maybe the poster should just talk to their ex?

  • Marcus Lasance says:

    Liz, Peter Brown aka [email protected] from Burnley is just a stupid vicious troll. He must have had such a bad relationship that he judges all women by the poor standards he has set for his own ex. Don’t let him put you off posting here.

    Don’t worry too much about the different payment and collection schedules. The four weeks shortfall will roll over to next year. You will get your arrears eventually. But if our own experience is anything to go by, you might still be collecting arrears when you are retired and your kids are grown up. That’s simply because the CSA does not function. Just keep ringing the helpline and use the on-line complaint form when things go wrong. Eventually you will meet one CSA person that cares, but don’t hold your breath 😉

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