The unprofessional CSA lie so often

October 10, 2013

Lies that’s what I got told. Money had not one through as the csa said a payment had not been received so I phoned my ex’s employer and they told me everything sent two weeks ago.

Then the csa say oh yes no ref on there. Following month same thing happens : told me oops our mistake the money am in two weeks ago but it got lost in our system : the csa get the money from the employer hold on to it for two to three weeks then after £35.00 worth of phone calls : bill provided by. It arrives .

The csa are rinse and don’t like to be told they are working for your children and to have to chase them is degrading enough if the money wasn’t important why would anyone go to them for help. They are so unprofessnal and lie, but I’m investigating them without their knowledge.


  • Lisa says:

    The same old with CSA, one thing I find strange is you rang your ex,s employer I wonder if they realise they are breaking the law telling you anything, it’s against the data protection act for them to give you any information, I’m sure your ex would be really impressed at you ringing hounding his employers for the money the poor guy earns and then gets stolen every month, you say the money is important that’s the only reason mums use the CSA as punishment against there ex, some folk have no shame

  • CSA warrior says:

    tbh i am puzzled at the idea of you investigating them. what do you intend to with the investigation when you are done.

    as for them lieing and being unprofessional. then nothing has changed or we would have nothing to write about.

    but i remain puzzled at the idea of investigating them

  • jo says:

    I’m with lisa on this one, the employer should not be giving out your ex’s information, its against his data protection and is breaking the law. If money has been taken from deo and you’ve not received it then its down to you and the nrp to report it. Csa are known to hold on to monies in high interest accounts, where do you think their bonuses cone from?

    If it keeps happening, my advice is write a letter of complaint, see if the nrp will do the same and then see your mp and throw the lifting children out of poverty statement at them. Can you not come to a mutual agreement with your ex and do away with the csa all together?

    And how can you investigate the csa? Its very well known that their practices aren’t above board, but they are the csa and above the law!! So good luck with that.

  • Betty says:

    Good luck Trish
    Your kids are very lucky to have a woman fighting for them.

    Lisa and Jo sound like you’re working for the csa lol!!

    I wonder if you have experienced a week of empty purse symdrome?

    It’s very hard.

  • Jeremy Lambert says:

    Funny i read this but this is how it works.

    They take the money from the father be it willingly or through ordered payments.

    Now this is where it gets very sinister the money thats supposed to be going to the kids immediately doesn’t.

    It goes into a City Trading account where its held for 6 weeks and used for high return stock market gambling and hedge betting i take a very dim view of this.

    And before anyone says it doesn’t i have photographic proof of this with pictures of city traders all sitting at their desks with screens that say CSA Trading Account Open.

  • Jeremy Lambert says:

    And they are not above the law you just have to be able to understand the law they are using.

    I find when dealing with then that the best way is to use the Legal E’s terms and listen to them skwirm on the other end i have lost count of how many times they have hung up on me because they have no answer on the script they reading from.

    I have even started recording our conversations much to their distaste and protest at me but i am within my rights to record said conversations as long as i point it out before they open their mouths.

    I started doing this because everytime i rang them and asked them to go back to our previous conversation shock horror you never contacted us on the date you are saying sir, oh really i say but you record everything correct, yes we do so how is this possible i say.

    They answer you never contacted us, i go this is J***** on extension ****, yes, good let me now play back to our conversation to jog your memory, they don’t like that and get all tongue tied and start peddling backwards.

  • David Joseph says:

    I have been specialising in CSA work for the last 7 years and as I have been through the system myself, I understand what fathers, and some mothers, go through. I have determined that I will do my level best to help fathers to deal with a very complex and draconian system. It was designed that way so please don’t be surprised at all the mistakes and confusion caused by the authority.

    Dealing with the CSA is difficult, arduous and can be terribly protracted. Its frustrating having to deal with the difficult issues yourselves because it really is stressful. My advice is to instruct a CSA law specialist to can deal with your case. This will take a lot of the pressures of you and you can live the headache of it all with someone who knows how to deal with the authority.

    We deal with all matters in strict confidence and work with our clients to deal with their issues. It’s about focusing on what concerns them and working to get them the results they seek.

    Please let us help you. Call David on 0871 750 2130 / 0754 0062 567

  • David Joseph says:

    I must stress that we help both Parent with Care and Non Resident Parents. So that’s both men and women.

  • David Joseph says:

    For those of you who are able to, the best thing you can do to help secure child maintenance is to enter a private agreement with your ex-partner. Better still, you can enter a binding contractual agreement. This gives it legal force and means that if the payer reneges on their responsibility, the other party has a remedy in the county court. It may even be possible to claim any costs incurred in taking such action.

    Please remember that there is now a charge for all new CSA applicants and NRP’s. The applicant pays £20 for the initial application followed by 4 per cent of the child maintenance received. Unfortunately for the NRP, he is liable to pay maintenance plus 20 per cent for each payment made. It’s unfair but that is the law as it stands.

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