The system is not fair to my boyfriend who has 50/50 custody

February 28, 2018

My boyfriend and I have HIS daughter 50/50 ( so Friday till Friday ) he pays her (the mother ) child support every week . She works for the government and has said she is aloud to have 3 years of paid . So of course she’s taking it . The reason why she’s having 3 years off paid is because she has a kid to someone els and turns out because it a government job they allow 3 years off !! . Since she is in NOT working HIS child support went up ( not much ) but COME on !

So she’s at home getting paid more because she had a kid to someone els and isn’t working atm . I’m finding it hard to understand why he pays $145 to have HIS child for the week ? We would have the same bills here for her as her mum would there . yet he has to pay that amount to her for the week he has her daughter. How’s that fair ? He pays also half school fees uniforms ect . So can someone explain why he has her 50/50. pays 50/50 for anything she needs . And on top of that pays every week $145 ? Why can’t it be no child support and they split there daughters fees like school stuff ect . And who Evers house ( the daughter ) is at , that parent actually supports the child ? How is it fair ?!

I find it hard and a strain on our relationship as I have to take his daughter to school I buy her school food .pay half the bills like power ect . Him having a daughter comes at a cost to me every week ! ( not his fault obviously) just how the system is ! He has me helping him and if I wasn’t here I don’t know how he would do it or afford it ? Men work jobs that start at 6-7 am and girls normally 8-10 am . If he can have her 50 % of the time and still have her at school and looked after even WITH him working 6-4 ( clearly can’t pick his daughter up or drop her off for school ) then he’s made more then an effort as a dad and should not be charged for it ! . HELP because I’m at my wits ends !


  • David Joseph says:

    Hi Shannay

    If the parents have equal custody of the child then no way should one party be liable to pay child support irrespective of the fact that one of them gets child benefits. If you can provide empirical evidence (and assuming the mother does not lie and says the father has the child less than 50 per cent), he should be able to claim back what has been paid to date. He should apply for the overpayments made.

    I would strongly advise you that he seeks legal advice and get representation on this. I do not advocate anyone trying to tackle the CSA/CMS on their own. Let an expert represent you – the stress in dealing with the Agency is destructive to your health.

    If you want my advice, please contact me in the first instance at [email protected].


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