The system is failing me as I can’t cope financially

February 26, 2016

Divorced 12 months ago ,2 kids 10 and 8 , see them every Wednesday ,and every other weekend ,arranged by ex wife agreed by me , pay for birthdays schools trips Christmas etc , csa taking 98 pounds per week out of my wage that’s a third ,400 pounds per month ,my rent is 425 pounds per month, that’s 825 pounds per month, before I even tackle , council tax , gas electric , food, I’ve never claimed benefits in my life , but payed thousands into the system ,but with no help , I’m going under financially , and csa don’t care , rent not going to clear this month, overdraft maxed out the system,is failing me.


  • Montanna says:


    No they are not fair. But after a year of struggling to pay, I asked them, ‘how can I even take them out?’ She at csa replied you can claim expenses. The following is taken from dad dot info website. Which explains better.

    Yes, if you are talking about the most CMS rules (any new cases since 2013 will be under these new rules), the non-resident parent can ask CMS to apply a “variation” for contact costs (but they must be over £10), and shared care (if you have your children stay over night with you 1 night or more per week on average).

    See here:…nds-for-a-variation/

    The way it is applied is it is taken OFF your weekly gross income (before any reduction in shared care is made) – and this new gross income figure is used to calculate a new maintenance payment.

    You can use this calculator – but you need to do work out the travel costs and do the variation manually, as described above:

  • John says:

    Very similar thing is happening to me, they made contact in Feb this year and told me what i had to pay.. I told them that i am fully committed money wise including the money i already pay them. they didn’t care how i paid it.. told me to get a loan from a bank or family member. or use a credit card..

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