The system is a joke – and not a funny one

May 27, 2013

I want to say thank you to the CSA. Since the involvement of them in september 2012 the access to see my daughter has got very limited to now being at the stage where I have not seen her for nearly 4 months and her mother will no longer respond to texts, e-mails or calls.

I never missed a payment and always provided for my daughter since she was born. In December I missed some time at work which resulted in my wage being £500 less in that month. The CSA could only take £30 that month as I still needed to survive, just, on what I had left. What a nice surprise when they contacted me and said I needed to make up for that over the next few months.

As I never made up the difference in the reduced salary I fail to see why she should still be entitled to continued full monthly payment. I am not trying to take money from my daughter but lets be honest, the benefits she receives from the government more than take care of expenses. The system is a joke but I promise you not in a funny way.


  • stuart says:

    This is where Alice should come on and say its wrong for them to chase you for this money as it was not earnt but she will not.

  • eddie says:

    instead i will come on and stir it up a bit although for what I am not sure….. people don’t seem to want to do anything except moan….. if we want this draconian agency stopped then we need to do something……. [email protected]

  • Steven Williams says:

    No I want to take care of my daughter and seeing her again would be nice. Im saying even if I didnt work the benefits my ex gets is enough to cover living costs for both of them and that came from the csa when I spoke to them.

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