The Only Way is CSA – a disgrace

March 28, 2012

My daughters are now 20 and 17 (21 & 18) this year. The elder one has left home to go to uni, the younger one doing her A’Levels and then going onto uni.

Since 2000 my payments have been erratic and I have had no payments since 2005.

NRP has been living in the same house for longer than I can remember. He has been in and out of work during this time.

The CSA had the information they needed because I kept them informed of any changes I knew about. The thing is as I recall, were they not set up to ‘locate absent fathers who were not paying’ but instead hounded those already with maintenance orders through the old Magistrates Court process and destroyed a lot of peoples lives. As a tax payer and voter I would like to see the CSA shamed and disbanded and maintenance awards dealt with at the Magistrates Court once again.

I am now in the process of complaining about my case as the arrears are now at an astounding £16,020.44. They failed in 2008/09 to carry out enforcement of these arrears and it was only because I kept telephoning and refusing to be ‘fobbed off’ last August that things started again. BUT in ‘THE ONLY WAY IS CSA’ they lost the Inland Revenue search papers but did nothing about it until I telephoned for an update a month later only to be told the Inland Revenue had changed it’s policy now, hey lucky me!!

So once again I was at first base, they even asked me AGAIN for more information about my ex, such as his address, where did he work, um, is that not the job of the CSA?? Can I just remind you he is my ‘EX’ for a reason! UNBELIEVEABLE?? no, this is ‘THE ONLY WAY IS CSA’!!

So I wrote to my MP for help and still nothing new surfaces, no explanations BUT they do ADMIT negligence in the handling (or not) of my case and after further constant telephone calls a Liability Order was granted through the court for the bailiffs to levy distress. So now I am at the demise of the bailiffs and the CSA think they can sit back for the next 13 weeks while the bailiffs try to do the job they should be doing.

I think not, I am continuing to complain and have received a letter this weekend admitting ‘maladministration’ but still no explanation, just an apology for the error and a consolatory payment of £100 based on Paragraphs 172-182 of the Special Payments Guide. I consider this a joke because you got to laugh and an insult.

So I am now preparing a reply to their recent insult and will be applying to the Independent Case Examiner (ICE) for advise and help.


  • deborah says:

    My children are now 23 and 22 i have nothing from the csa for 20 years the amount that is outstanding ranges from 20,000.00 to 1,000.00 this is because they made a new assesment on him and i still have not got any further forward a liability order was granted threw the courts and the baliffis went to the wrong door number 56 instead of 58 they couldnt even get that right, his new wife was laughin her head off at them. They had access to his bank accounts the last thing i heard they were goin to freeze them, i ask for people to get in touch with me they never do i have made a request for ten ring back in the past 3 months i have heard nothing they are a waste of government money themselves.

  • Carol says:

    Doesn’t matter what side of the CSA you are on it doesn’t work.

    I completely agree a fairer system would be to return powers to the Court.

    I was a pwc for 11 years and never received any maintenance. Exact same story as yourself – gave CSA information, never acted upon, received compensation, CSA still never done their job.

    I am now with my partner who is hounded for maintenance (they think £39,000 but their file proves £8,000) and in all honesty things are much harder for me now than when I was a single parent with only one salary.

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