The only thing the CSA can achieve is to force hardworking folk into poverty

May 8, 2014

In 2007 I was divorced. I have one son by that marriage, my only child.

I was paying PWC £250 pcm ,having used the CSA maintenance calculator on my salary this was a fair amount. The PWC had the matrimonially home without much mortgage at the time was valued at £275,000.

The divorce settlement came to £120,000 which I then put into my property.this money came from the sale of a second property which the PWC then owned outright.My son was staying with me 3 to 4 nights a week at my house.

I therefore cut the maintaince payments down to £200 PCM because I thought this fair.This is when PWC first contacted the Csa.I was told that I would never get shared care,even though my son was at my house 3 to 4 nights a week.

I was told to pay £237 PCM , which I was happy to do.In their statement they recently sent me there is no record of me paying this amount for 39 months,even though I have bank statements to prove I have paid this.

Anyway the PWC gradually a systematically stopped me from seeing my son so the CSA payments went up.I entered into a new relationship in 2010,I then started to rent out my house the the income from which only just covered the mortgage payments.

However with no proof whatsoever the PWC then contacted the CSA and told them about my extra income.I was then forced to sell that property.when I did I had a variation applied to my case.An 8% charge was put on this amount even though I was only getting 2% interest on it.

I felt like I was being treated like a criminal.I appealed against this decision and waited over a year for the appeal to take place.I could not attend the appeal through Ill health and of course the PWC case was upheld I now find that they are taking over £400 PCM from my bank which is 25% of my earnings.

I would like to treat my son when I am allowed to see him which as I now live in a one bedroom flat and the PWC lives in a 3 bedroom house with just her and my son living there . I find I just can’t afford to live anymore my rent is £600 pcm .I have never claimed any benefits ever I have never been out of work ever for 38 years.

I can see how the PWC has played the benefits system to her advantage.I now feel that this is the only option open for me is to give up work and plead poverty.That is the only thing the CSA achieves.


  • mikmik says:

    Same here fella, ex wife living in mansion with her ‘non working’ boyfriend, works 3 days a week and gets all the benefits going. I, on the other hand live in a small terraced house, and work more than 5 days a week, just so I can give my kids treats from me.
    NRP’s are babysitters, that’s all we are, while the PWC lives it up every weekend.
    And it wont change unless you move to another country where not even REMO’s can touch you.

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