The more I earn, the more they take

August 4, 2017

I havent seen my children in 5 years, my ex has an order on me thru false information, im currently paying 130 perweek and have had to leave my flat, sell my car, and give up lots of things, i have no bother paying for them even tho it would be nice to see them, im 6000 in arrears as the payments are getting higher, i cant afford to pay, now im renting a room at 30 per week and am barely affording to live myself, im on debt up to my eyeballs and seriously struggling, she has a new boyfriend and the child maintenance service have literally said they dont care about me.

I know that the payments i make are going on drink and drugs and now they have a DEO that im now stuck with…the more i earn the more they take….what the hell am i supposed to live off


  • David says:

    Hi there

    I have to say I really feel for you and understand your predicament. I too have suffered at the hand of this draconian system. The only reason I specialise in CSA is to help people in your position.

    The CSA/CMS are not only hurting none resident parents and driving them into poverty (for that is what has been planned for us) but they are also hurting our children, the economy and social cohesion.

    I would love to discuss your case with and see if there is anything I can do to help. Drop me a line if you want to.

    Take care now.

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