The money I’ve been sending is being kept by the CSA

June 8, 2013

I have just found out I’m paying my CSA into the secondary system and my ex has not been paid since January, I reckon the incompetence is done on purpose so all our payments sit in their account accruing interest ! Have also wrote to my MP to try and make headway as the Bolton office are absolutely hopeless, If I had their work ethic I would defiantly of been sacked ages ago ! All they seem to say is “I understand but” !!!!


  • brett says:

    Yes your dealing with a monster that is totally out of control.

  • S. Pascoe says:

    my mum has been saying this for years!
    they did this to me also, and i kept ringing and asking what was going on, where’s the money (i have no relationship with my ex-husband so he couldn’t tell me he was paying the money). at first i thought he just hadn’t paid, then they let it slip it was a DEO, so the money had to have been taken.
    then someone noticed it was sat in a bank somewhere.
    so that’s around £300 in a bank, getting interest for 3-4 months.
    do that with 20% of the total cases they deal with and i bet that is a proper money earner!!

  • Chris Jones says:

    Yes its true. The csa have shareholders including ian duncan smith david cameron tony blair. Yes they are all in on it including certain employers the CAB the law society magistrate courts. The csa keep our money in an account that makes 3million per month interest just for the share holders. Its wrong but y do u think the government wont sort this lot out? Y do u think courts alwsys take side with this scum and thr CAB are no help and solicitors won’t get involved?

  • Carrie says:

    Although I’m an NRPP,I have friends at my sons school who are pwc’s ,They often ask me for advice about the CSA ! (All we want is a FAIR SYSTEM that works for EVERYBODY for the WELFARE of the CHILDREN)
    Last month a pwc said her payment hadn’t come from the CSA for that month and she knew the NRP had paid as it’s by a DEO -he has 2 other children in the case -to different mums) There was no correspondence to the pwc and she spent over £10 on whole calls desperate for answers with out getting a satisfactory conclusion .The next month when that didn’t turn up more phone calls & then they tell her after 2 years of regular CM they JUST REALISED he was allowed to pay in arrears!! They said she would get the end payment when QC leaves CSA in the future !! That could be when he’s 18-20 or maybe even later if they change the
    age limit like they did in DEC 2012! Did the NRP get this back ,I DONT think so!!!They are holding on to it leaving the pwc a month with out money ,without & all the normal bills going out (ESPECIALLY when the nrp has it taken out of his wages) They(CSA) will probably say NRP can have it back if he asks for it but they haven’t told him THIS as far as we aware!! If they do this to all the pwc in the country ,look how much they can accumulate and get interest on & its doing the children in the case (3 of them )NO GOOD at all !!

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