The legislation they keep quoting me must be unlawful

August 1, 2013

I’m needing professional advice with regards to a fraudulent CSA case made against my partner. His ex wife has made claims that they have never lived together and have never been married although I have submitted evidence to the CSA to prove all of this, This information is apparently being processed and I’m awaiting the outcome. What I need is help in making an official complaint to the CSA about the handing if the case, the mis information that has been fed to us, the fact they have accepted he is the father of the child in question without speaking to us, and have treated us like we’re the guilty party, I’ve been spoken down to in the phone and even told to prove he wasn’t just sleeping on the sofa. I have contacted my local MP and have had no response. The legislation they keep quoting me must be unlawful. There are many more details I can supply if needed.

Many thanks


  • John says:

    Is there is a child/children from the marriage?

    The main complaints against CSA are for what is called ‘maladministration’. You were right to involve your M.P. who will be vital in order that you take the CSA to task, because there are limited legal avenues. However, if you see on the internet, there are specialist associations and legal advisors who may be able to help you.

    Ask for evidence from the CSA, and get everything in writing. Do not phone them. as they are liars, and deny the content of your conversations with them.

    make a complaint to the CSA complaints resolution team, and then make a complaint to the Independent Case examiner (ICE). If your problems persist, ask your M.P. to forward your complaints to the Parliamentary Ombudsmans office, regarding prolonged and continued maladministration.

    Welcome to our world. Good luck!

  • eddie says:

    and also dont forget ICE may not be that independent… As I have said many times we need to have one voice if we are to be heard this agency is shocking creating child poverty and worklessness…….. We need to rally………

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