The Guardian wants to speak to fathers plagued by the CSA

April 2, 2011

The Guardian wants to speak to fathers plagued by the CSA

We’ve had a request from Jonathan Paige from The Guardian newspaper. He wants to speak to fathers who are being chased by the Child Support Agency for payments they have already made direct to their ex partners.

With the new plans from the government designed to encourage parents to make private arrangements, and pay directly, it is feared that more fathers will face the problem of the Child Support Agency coming back to them several months or years down the line and demanding payment all over again. There is no way to appeal this, and no way to prove payments have been made (at least not to prove it in the CSA’s mind) so anyone making private arrangements will open themselves up to abuse by the CSA.

If this has already happened to you and your ex has been encouraged by the CSA to pursue payments that you have already made, contact Jonathan Paige from The Guardian now and give him your story.

Remember to mention too; we want the Child Support Agency to know where the information is coming from.

Jonathan Paige can be contacted on [email protected]


  • KmCQ79 says:

    Whilst I agree with the sentiments of the proposed article,the inept CSA chasing fathers who pay and are not in arrears and I am one (and have been threaten with legal action on two occasions for non existent arrears)..
    The Guardian is not the newspaper for such a story.
    Given it’s past history in supporting feminism,rights of wimmin etc,this is not the newspaper to give an objective and honest report.

    Remember ‘Trust me,I’m a journalist’…

  • John says:

    I have responded. I have also read some comments posted on a CSA article from March 2011, in the Guardian The majority of the comments come from exasperated victims of the CSA, obviously stressed at CSA incompetence and bullying.

    I thought that the press had signed up to non reporting of CSA matters with the government and the CSA is never allowed to be mentioned in the commons!

    Our great elected representatives are in on the ‘scam’, as they ‘scam’ their expenses from us the taxpayer!

  • John says:

    Non reporting of CSA matters is ‘Common Purpose’! Training to lead beyond Authority!

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