The government’s minimum wage and child support policies conflict

October 18, 2013

First of all i had the same issue was paying what i was told but a mistake had been made and had to be payed back, and was told quote “tough” on the phone when objected and had phone put down on numerous times and passed to diffrent people.

But how can only the richest people afford to lose 40% of there wages, Lets be real, The problem i have now is im on JSA and because of CSA gonna lose 25% of wage when back of work and most the jobs i have to apply for are min wage.

Now the goverment put in min wage so we could survive and goverment put in CSA so we we contribute to our children but should this run hand in hand, you cant get min wage if they take 25% off it. So is it not logical to take your CSA % off anything over min wage.

The JSA another goverment body cant make you take a job under min wage but in their rules CSA dont count, The whole system is flawed. Their are 1000’s of fathers been used as sperm donor’s have to pay the upkeep of their children and then the system makes them pay to fight for rights to actual see there kids.

I say fathers but i understand there will be some mothers in the same position, but we in a culture fathers are used to support not just the child but ex partners too. Giving a business the powers CSA have to enforce their rules is totally wrong. CSA IS ONLY ONE OF THE GOVERMENTS SCHEMES WHICH DOES NOT WORK !


  • stuart says:

    you make the mistake of using CSA and logic in the same sentence. it is a stealth tax to reduce the benefit bill originally, then it did not work so they changed it, it still did not work so they concentrated on hitting easy targets for cash to make sure the house of commons could be told what a great job of collecting they were doing, those not wanting to ever pay laughed as they carried on getting away with it and the dads trying to pay got hit with made up arrears due to massive maladministration but the money rolled in and all were joyous in the house. Then the dads stopped work and got in debt as they could not afford the huge sums being asked to pay for CSA error, so to reduce unemployment and benefits they made a child be 20 before leaving CSA clutches so millions off the unemployment figures, Then they realised it was still not enough a generation of children with no fathers rioting in the streets did nothing to change the thought process of a broken system, But wait a great idea was born, lets charge everyone to use this corrupt and broken system that way we can force all parents to reach an agreement or loose more money…………………………………to be continued I fear.

  • mick says:

    I can take it further, its not only the minimum wage it conflicts with but every government handout. I was forced to quit my job and go on jsa because the csa lowered my income beyond my means. I got a nice letter from the government saying that the minimum I need to live on is £33 a week and guess what yes the csa then takes a further £5 reducing me beneath what the governmant has set as my lowest means.

  • Lisa says:

    The CSA have an internal document that tells the staff they can by law leave the nrp with less than JSA before any bills are paid, regardless if this leaves him homeless or hungry, the only way this can be challenged is by emailing complaints to DWP and stopping them taking payments knowing they are breaching your human rights to the minimum thats left to live on every week

  • Bill says:

    Lisa is correct.
    It is the benefits agency ( another part of the DWP ) that make the deductions from benefit. So any complaint needs to be made to them.
    The CSA can only request a deduction from benefit via the benefits agency.

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