The father is blaming the CSA and the CSA is blaming the father – what can I do?

June 26, 2013

This isnt the first time ive had a feud with csa.

You lot can bad mouth me, call me a money grabber if us want. If my child is entitled to money that is his hes getting it. Ive happily paid for my child since the day of the birth.

His father, sees his child for a small amount of time small enough to let me work for not even one full shift… Small enough to let me break a sweat in the gym to say the least.

Ive had nothing but problems with both the father and csa, the fathers blaming csa and csa is blaming the father. I must admit though im with csa on this one as i cant trust the father to even make a simple payment.

He has been working since last month not paid anything for my child since october last year. This is the 2nd year in a row ive not seen a payment due to his father working on and off hes accured arrears of over 2700 this year he was told to pay a sum of £90 a week from his over £500 a week wage. My child only saw 3 of these payments until he stopped a standing order that was set up – yet he was still working. Im not the type of person to check my bank account every day as i normally have money in my account it was until after my childs birthday i got a bank statement that no payments had been made i phoned csa to be told that he is out of employment as of that week.

I work all the hours god sends to put a meal on the table for my child, the past few months have been hard as my wages have went down due to child care costs going up. I have to work more hours which means my child is in child care more days – more money. Its got to the point ive had to ask my parents for money as his father refuses to make a one off payment from his more than average wage to csa. Ive to “stop hasselling him for money” my childs money not his. As i said his fathers been working since last month, weekly paid, stays with his parents, no bills to pay, gets more than an average wage than any tom dick or harry. Due to this ive been hasselling csa as i cant afford to feed my child – they are the ones ” trying” to reduce child poverty – r the fuck trying. Tey dont care about the children at all.

Yesterday i phoned csa and spoke to someone who was actually helpful – shocked to say the least. He told me how much my childs father has to pay a week now… But it doesnt include the 2700 arrears yet. I asked him to send me a break down of the arrears. Which i received today.

Looking through it all i have to say is his father and csa are a shower of lying scum bags. Since day one i recorded everything csa have said in a diary, dates of when my childs father has been working etc 4 separate occassions when he was supposed to have been working he owes my child £5.00 for said dates.

When he owed my child £90 a week last year from june to october apparently —– try june to december!!! How the fuck can u justify this?!!!!

My child has only received 8 payments in total!! Thanks csa ur doing a rare job!!!


  • Pete says:

    Welcome to the world of the CSA, yes they are a waste of space and will tell you nothing but lie after lie, they work by ethos by divide and conquer, for the record I am a NRP whom has had all contact stopped and yes I hate my ex for this, each case is different and the CSA continue to let both PWC and NRP battle out and with this forget one important thing the child or children whom suffer,

  • derek miller says:

    it takes 2 to make a child and your ex has a responsibility. I will always maintain that every case should go before judges as the CSA lacks the hands on touch that every separate different case requires. I pay what I can and do what I can for my children and I only have them on average 3 nights a month. but their my kids and they where conceived with love.

    I do understand when guys wont pay because of crap access, I did this and dont mind admitting it.(not saying that is true in this case). but like I said, judges! only fair way.

    get your MP involved, its their job, they work for you, me, us, the people

  • Sally says:


    It’s a difficult one, especially as you don’t have contact with your ex but in my experience, the CSA are probably lying!! They are absolutely useless…

    You are clearly a mother who is making the effort to work to support your child and it’s a shame you are not getting the help you need from the CSA to get the money for your child… I would speak to your MP as Derek says..

    It so sad that the only people the CSA seem to help are the absent fathers (who refuse to pay anything to support their child) and the greedy PWCs (who don’t want to make the effort to get a job to financially support their child and expect the government, NRP and NRPP to subsidise their lifestyle)…

    Decent NRP’s and PWC’s are treated terribly by the CSA…. good luck with you case.. please let us know if you have any luck with your MP…

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