The father always gets the rough end of the stick

June 8, 2013

Ive over paid for 2 year as csa only had me down as having my son 2 nights a week instead of three nights, but was told i cant get it back but yet they want the arrears. Its all one sided in the csa and the mothers favour always the father that gets the rough end of the stick i dont mind paying never have but there just not fair .


  • Adder says:

    I don’t agree that it’s always fathers that get the rough end of the stick, yes the majority of cases i have to say it does tend to be fathers but as a mother myself my deal is far worse, my husband and i separated in 2008 leaving me with our three children to support without financial aid from him, since then our oldest child has decided to go live with him and the cheeky b* has been getting 32 a week for him even though i only get a measly 5 a week for the other 2 children of his in my care, and to top it off because the csa have been absolutely bloody useless even though provided with all the information they have ever asked for the have taken a year and a half to sort this so have built up massive arrears on my case and are now expecting me to pay 260 a month which is almost half of my monthly pay so i would like to just say it’s not always the fathers that get the rough end of the deal

  • karen says:

    Its also unfair on the PWC to, both suffer cos of the ones who wont and dont support their children.

  • stuart says:

    I believe all Fathers should pay for their Kids, However the amount should be in comparison with circumstances of both parents, When CSA get it wrong as with myself who has always paid by a voluntary DEO as was easier, The arrears they decide they want is unreasonable. Over 12 years because of their cock-ups they decided I had to pay £800 a month over 2 years to get the arrears paid, Unplanned unbudgeted for. So put me in debt, After 2 long years of complaint they agreed it was unfair and no fault of mine so they wrote off the arrears and paid the PWC from tax payers money. Now in this time I had paid approx £6k in arrears I should of not had to pay, No I could not have it back, CSA agreed arrears were no fault of my own, So went to ICE who said I was non compliant and CSA should not of written off arrears? Well how does that happen? Get your data file before it goes to a complaint. As they can and will be changed to suit and protect the public purse, I am left in debt for allowing the CSA to take care of my CM payments. Pure Fraud and a sheer disgrace to the tax payer.

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