The department the CSA doesn’t want you to know about

January 25, 2014

If anyone is interested and you have evidence that the CSA’s employees have committed fraud or abused the Civil Service Code of Honesty,Integrity,Objectivity and Impartiallity and lets face it we have all been abused by these people then submit your evidence too,

Internal Investigations
Finance and Commercial Division
Department for Work and Pensions
Room BP9251
Belsay House
Benton Park View
NE98 1YX

This agency does not like people to know that this department exists.

Employees of this agency are contractually bound by the Civil Service Code. If they break the code then they in effect break their employment contract of terms and conditions.

This department also investigates acts of serious and gross misconduct that these DWP employees commit. Look up on the web for DWP policy standards of behaviour and DWP Discipline policy.

I hope this information is of benefit to someone.


  • ste mayren says:

    Absolute joke just spoke to Karen she tells me there no appeal system and they dnt take utility bills into account I get paid 263 a wk they take 68 a wk my rent food utilitys dnt matter! Pls some1 close this corrupt outfit down!

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