The CSA’s ‘postal terrorism’ campaign against me

April 4, 2013

The CSA are carrying out a campaign of what I can only term as ‘Postal Terrorism against me. I believe that until 2009 they received their information about my earnings directly from HMRC.

I have always been in the low-income bracket and until 2009 I had not paid anything directly to them but I have always paid my ex whatever I had for the good of the boys.
Around 2009/10 the CSA had decided that I had to pay £70.71 per week. I tried explaining that this is simply not possible and was far more than that suggested on-line (x10) By 2011 my weekly payments were assessed as needing to be more than my entire earnings for the year.

Just before Christmas 2012 I received a demand for £1,400+ and a few days later I received a demand for £15,000+. I have recently received a demand for £6,000 and am being taken to court on 28th April. From the conversations that I have had with the CSA I am led to believe that I was assessed according to their own system and I cannot appeal after the 28 days that they initially gave me.
Had they stuck with getting their information from HMRC I do not feel that this problem would have occurred.

I am currently signing on for JSA and have virtually zero funds. I cannot believe that because they assessed me incorrectly, that I have to pay. To date, my ex has agreed with the CSA that I have paid her approx.£9,000 which is far more than the on-line scale suggests for my earniungs scale for the period.
Can anyone shed some light on this apparent madness

Thanks and kind regards, Nic


  • lisa says:

    OMG, they really have naffed up in your case, seriously, make a complaint now, get your MP on board, they have to admit mistakes, send them an email asking how they got to the figures they did, you can by law demand this, the CSA staff are disgraceful in there behaviour towards people, good luck, hope you get it sorted,

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