The CSA’s mistakes are costing us dear

June 17, 2014

I would like some advice on how to deal with the CSA. My partner, NRP, is becoming ill with the stress of dealing with the CSA.

An outline of our issue is that when payments started 6 years ago the voluntary payments (the mortgage) that we were told would be taken into account, weren’t, we are now being told that as the RP didn’t agree to this these payments were of no concern to them.

After many phone calls, they agreed that these payments would be considered and h would receive a refund (£2000+) after 6 years we still haven’t received the money.

My partner was made redundant last year and started a part time job last month, we informed the CSA and they set up payments, receiving the confirmation letter, they had made an error of his starting date starting months ago and he is now in debt, they refused to listen and are now very threatening on the phone.

How can I effectively complain to about the refund and the treatment received? We want to make sure that the children are paid for (16 and 18) but without the stress of mistake after mistake. Also the RP refuses to have contact with us so direct payments are not an option.


  • Woody says:

    Hi Neomi,
    Same old incompetence and maladministration by the corrupt CSA staff, the idiots still don’t realize that one day in the future they will be in court trying to defend their fraud.

    1. Go and see your mp, ask him for help in dealing with the CSA, explain everything, how I’ll they are making you and your partner.
    2. Stop ringing them.
    3. Join csa ripoffs on Facebook, contact admin on that site and help and advice will be given.
    4. We are no longer individuals fighting the CSA corruption, we are a movement seeking justice and change.
    The CSA want you to feel helpless and alone, it makes most people give in to their demands.
    Good luck,

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