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The CSA’s incompetence made me look like a bad dad

When my x wife and I divorced we agreed on an amount but when I changed jobs she thought I wasn’t paying her so she want to csa I am now paying £40 p/w £117 p/m which I never disputed.

My problem is when ever I am on the phone to them they make me out to be a horrible person and saying things like even if her new husband was a million air she would still get the money.

I also changed bank accounts and gave them three weeks notice so they had plenty time to ajust payments but I found out they made a mistake and couldn’t pay my x wife so now I am having to pay areers due to there incompitance.

Why is it dads are made out to be the bad ones all the time? HELP!

One thought on “The CSA’s incompetence made me look like a bad dad

  1. this is whats so disgustingly unfair about this vile organisation, they even take pleasure in spelling it out,rubbing the nrp’s nose in it, laughing at us. How can this be allowed ? how can a system bleed the father of cash when the mother, by their own words, could have a millionaire partner, when will this dog shit outfit means test both nrp and pwc? grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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