The CSA’s demands leave me with nothing for myself and my wife

November 19, 2012

First off all I think it is truly unfair and unjustified that csa take my childtax credits and working tax credits that that the goverment have giving me based on the two children i have in my household so that i have enough money for my two children to live off that is so unfair because now i have £200 a month less than what the goverment say we need to live of a month.

secondly it has taken csa 11 months to finally analize how much they are going to take and they are taking £200 a month away now i only earn on a good month 1200 a month now my rent i have to pay £500 a month rent, 180 pound a month council tax, £50 a month gas and electric, £80 car insurance £35 phone and internet and the £200 csa now that leaves me £140 of my wages for food and fuel let alone maintence on the car. clothes for my children. now this gives me no insentive to keep working i cant afford new clothes or anything nice for myself and my wife.

Now my ex cheated on me and left me i understand paying towards our children but be fair about it.


  • Alice says:

    Child tax Credits and Working Tax credits are tax free income into your household and these will be taken into account when calculating your maintenance, you will also be awarded an allowance for any children living in your household.

    You can use the maintenance calculator on the csa website to see what your maintenance calculation will be on your income – this way you can start making payments to the agency,.

    If you have arrears due to missed payments or arrears back to a change of circumstances then you will be asked to pay something towards these arrears along with your regular maintenance. Depending on the amount of arrears it may be possible to renegotiate the amount being taken each week or month

  • chall says:


    Is your case on current rules and do you receive a 20% reduction for the 2 children living in your household, prior to CS being calculated for your child/ren who don’t live with you?


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