The CSA won’t say why it is keeping my money

March 14, 2015

A reassessment of my child support was sent to me last June and had mistakes. I asked for them to be adjusted so that it was correct. This resulted in 8 months of mayhem.

My payments stopped being forwarded to me although my ex husband had paid every month and communication was non existent from the agency. They changed the office dealing with my claim and I spent months on the phone and emailing.

Finally in February I had a letter and a phone call, they claimed that whilst doing an audit they found that there was a historical error made by them and I had been paid some money in error which my husband had paid to them but for some reason should not have been paid to me. When asked about the details none at all could be given only that it was years ago and an agency error, therefore I would not be asked to pay it back.

I asked about my husband’s arrears and was told they had been cancelled. At the time I felt a bit hard done by as the arrears were significantly higher that what they alleged I owed, but to be honest I just wanted a correct assessment and regular payments. So agreed and hoped the £93.17 a month would now be paid to me.

In the letter I received it stated that the agency was holding 1 payment of £93.17 and it would be paid to me, following phone calls I was told that 3 payments had been received but that my bank account details had been wiped from their system. I set up my account again and waited, phoned again and was told the agency was keeping my money.

I feel like I’ve been conned, my ex husband has paid, no explanation can be provided as to why they say they paid me wrongly only that it was years ago and their error, yet now so far they have kept 5 months from what I can work out which is around £470.

I have been lied to verbally and in writing, and if anyone can advice me on whether it is even legal to do this I would be very very grateful. I’ve written to the central services director and had no response.

I have also asked for a copy of the assessment they now say is correct as the figure on it is exactly the same as the incorrect assessment, but they won’t send me one I just keep receiving a copy of the schedule.

I am also suspicious as to when I have had a single payment forwarded it’s £93.17 when they have twice sent me 2 months money together it’s been £193.11 this is £3.38 a month more.

The agency basically are keeping my daughter’s money.