The CSA won’t listen to either of us

February 8, 2015

Money for my child was being taken from my wages each month.My work was not sending it on time to my ex.

This went on for a few months,so my ex was not receiving any money.I was paying £174pm.CSA told me I was in arrears so I would have to pay extra.£250pm.

I don’t think this is fair.I have been paying over the odds for some time now.My ex says she is up to date with all payments,but I still seem to be paying£250pm.

When I get in touch CSA,I get the same story from them,”I should still pay £250pm.I am getting so fed up with all this hassle,it’s very stressful.I don’t mind paying for my son,I think every absent father should do so.But as I said,I am not getting treat farely.My ex has repeatedly phoned them to get CSA off my case,but the CSA seem to not listen.I just want this sortedASAP.


  • Bill says:

    Ask your ex to close the case then you can be sure what you give she receives.

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