The CSA won’t give me the compensation I deserve

September 24, 2013

I received a letter from the CSA in December telling me that I owed over £7000 in missed payments, after several phone calls and letters sent saying that I did not owe them that amount they still would not listen.

It finally got to much for me and I had A break down over Xmas as they took the first extra payment out on Xmas eve. I found it very hard a finally had to take time off work, I had counselling and was put on antidepressants, after two months off they finally admitted that it was a mistake on their behalf.

I contacted them about compensation as I was out of pocket over £550 due to loss of earnings and ongoing medical costs. I finally got compensation to the sum of £25 and they have informed me that they will not pay for my loss of earnings and medical costs. I have contacted ICE but they don’t seem to be much help.


  • John says:

    Go and see your M.P. and inform them of the disgraceful way that you have been treated. Good luck!

  • Rui Ferreira says:

    One thing they are a disgrace and children are better off without them. and if I had the chance face to face I would tell them to f…off.

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