The CSA was given a mobile number which is not mine

May 28, 2013

I received a letter today from the CSA. How kind of them to tell me that they cannot ring me on a mobile number they claim they rang me on which I am not aware of and I do not own.

Their letter contradicts their attempts at ringing me on this mobile number which is not mine but they believe it to be mine. Here is part of their letter:

“I am writing to advise you that an internal message has been passed onto our Change of Circumstances Department. This department will investigate all of the information you have provided regarding X (name of person) leaving the Parent with Cares household”

You will receive a call in the next five working days from the date of this letter with a further update”

The CSA was given a mobile number which is not mine. It will be interesting to hear anyone from the CSA ring me as I do not give them permission to obtain my mobile ;or to ring me in any event. They are fully aware of the FACTS now and I trust that the CSA now take the view of my information as being ACCURATE .


  • John says:

    A couple of options come to mind.

    1) If they do ring you on your mobile, make a complaint of harassment to the police.
    2) Contact Ofcom and make a complaint to them.

    Get everything in writing as evidence, and if the CSA keep acting outside of the law, go to your local M.P.

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