The CSA system stinks

December 23, 2011

My partner and i pay regular csa for his children..he has ALWAYS paid since 2002…and we have proof on payslips.

we pay a huge amount to the point he is working for NOTHING…we then struggle to pay our bills ect..and we have children at home too.(my children)..yet the csa have done NOTHING to collect any monies owed to me for my children.

MY arrears to me are a whopping great £41.000!!! 14YRS worth of my ex lying,moving and avoiding paying them…yet every week he sees his children,..i never stop can i its their dad!! he faces jail this time,yet i cant see that happen,it would destroy my kids…he owes for the eldest two,now 19 and 20…he wont ever pay it..we have a son age 14..he wont pay for him.hes begged me to stop the claim and arrears….and said he would pay me weekly…i said i would..(but didnt)just to see.NEVER GOT A PENNY!…how is this possible???

Well…bailifs went to his home…they say hes not there,its his partners family home you see so without a fixed abode…he gets away with it.CSA say they cant watch him so if they dont serve papers on him at that address hes scott free……what a load of rubbish!!!how is this fair??ive told them everything i know..for yrs and yrs..yet is it WE PAY..yet i get nothing?? why are some families made to pay so much through being honest yet others get away with it?

somebody somewhere must be able to help us and all the others that are honest…and to catch and sort out those who dont..and never intend to!!!
the whole system is unfair and unjust.


  • John says:

    £3.5 billion uncollected. People under-paying, people over-paying and people not paying at all! It’s a shambles!

    I have paid for my non resident children, but it’s excessive in comparison to what I earn. I am being used and abused by the state!

    To date with my divorce settlement, I have paid around £135,000.

    What more do these thieveing people want?

  • mark says:

    That’s because the csa needs shutting down ASAP

  • joanne says:

    Lorraine your case echoes ours, my partner pays for hid kids like the gentleman above left a whopping amount in the divorce settlement and the greedy bastards still want more….not for the ex mind you but for the state, yet my ex gets let off Scot free, as like yours hops and has no fixed abode, but unlike your ex refuses to acknowledge his children exists. I shut my case as it was becoming more upsetting. It is unfair as that’s why the csa was set up, not for good dads who do contribute, not just financially but all round…its not for the children, but to line governments pockets and what easier way to do it, that’s why it goes on without being closely monitored. It’s corrupt and needs overhauling asap.

  • John says:

    Article from the news papers 24/12/11.

    Up to £300m of child maintenance debts to be written off.
    Some absent fathers will be allowed to pay back a fraction of the money they owe to the failed Child Support Agency, and then see their cases closed, in order to get them off the books.

    In other cases where there is no hope of the cash being paid, such as where parents have died or the Government had sent unrealistic bills, debts will simply be erased.

    It is expected that in total about 10 per cent will be wiped off the £3.8billion arrears currently on the books of the CSA’s successor, the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission.

    ******** How can this be fair? Letting people off, whilst hounding and criminalising those who pay. Lawyers should look at this and organise a mass legal case against the Government**********

    A complete and utter disgrace!

  • joanne says:

    John, if this is the case then surely its a discrimination issue and against human rights to guys that do pay or been sent ridiculous arrears that they are trying to challenge, that csa ignore? Whos do they decide right off? How do you even begin to mark off that list?, my answer get shot of it and give it back to the courts to sort out…clean slate….unfortunately though doesn’t give back a life its destroyed

  • John says:

    Joanne ~ This is exactly my point..

    I want to provide for our children who do not live with me, but what I object to is being in the hands of amateur, incompetent bullys, who are out of control and allowed to get away with all sorts of cunning and coniving tricks, supported by corrupt politicians, who turn a blind eye!

    I have had 12 years of what i can only call crap and a crap service from these oafs. I have all the written evidence over 12 years. Mistake after mistake!. I have a lettter from my M.P. who stated to them that they had caused me profound and unecessary stress, through continual incompetence.

    The system is not fit for purpose, it is discriminating against people, particularly when there are 3 systems on the go. That breaches Human rights as it s discriminatory!

    The whole system should be removed from the political forum and away from incompetent pen pushers and re-designed to include mediation and means testing of both parties.

    As it stands the government are just recycling benefits!

    NB. Because I have been treated so badly and been subject to extortion of large amounts of money. My non resident children will not receive any inheritance from me in protest at this shambles! The children as a dults, can then blame the CSA!

  • John says:

    I will be writing to Maria Miller by the way!

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