The CSA sucks and that’s that

May 12, 2013

Hi there,

I’m a father of 3.we both wanted a baby so ok we have a boy. 6years on we both wanted another baby so the one boy wasnt on his own. ok so we had 2 boys. we both made this choice. then after about 14 years of living together and had 2 nice kids. we wasnt getting on as wot we should do. so she booted me out so i was living with other poeple here and there. i was paying her cash each week to c my kids for about 5 minutes by the side of the road half way. it was ok for the first 6 months, i didnt mind paying her money to c my kids for 5 minutes at a time each week as long as i can c them. then it was the same money but i can only c them every two weeks. then only one kid at a time every two weeks. it was ok for me as long as i can c them, so she didnt want to meet me anymore and went to the CSA about me. so then they took money off me every week out of my wages and then she went for a devorce and said to her solisitor that my 2 kids we both wanted together that they both dont want anything to do with me and she wants to change the names of the kids not for them to have my last name. ok its been 3years now that i havnt seen my kids for and now the CSA want money off my works for the kids we both wanted.

So lets look at this again. (1)we both wanted the kids, (2)she boots me out, (3)stops the kids from seeing me, (4)now she got the CSA on to me. so its bad that i cant c my kids on top of this i have to pay again the CSA money for my kids to be brought up by someone els. is this wot u call rubbing crap in mens face. so us men got to pay for not seeing our kids and pay aging to the CSA for someone els that got money of they own so they want our money too. is this our fault for the fact that both of us wanted kids and the men got to pay once we get booted out and from our kids. im sorry but if i can c my kids and she was on her own then ok i would love to pay and help my kids, but she does ok from her partner without my money she dont need. you think the kids are having any of it? i dont think so. womens rights that is not equal rights im sorry to say. the CSA sucks and thats that. i hope i made my point so from now on i think we shuold have a contract when we plan for kids to say we both take the responsabilty for the kids when or if we split up not just the father……


  • Macon says:


    A decent father/mother should provide for there kid but when your wallet is good enough but your presence in you kids life is not because it doesn’t suit the PWC this is where the problem starts !

  • Sally says:

    Both parents should pay for their child (ren) and both parents should have EQUAL access to their children!!!

    PWCs seem to care more about the money than they do about their child(ren) and justify their behaviour by blaming in on the NRP for not giving them the amount the CSA SAY THEY SHOULD…. based on unfair assessments, lies, false information…. I’m sorry but the CSA and greedy PWCs are to blame here…

    If mothers stopped relying on handouts such as child tax credits, working tax credits and child benefit AND child maintenance they would be forced to get off they lazy asses and EARN an income….

  • eddie says:

    Sally thats what the government want NRPs to replace the finances paid by the state. the bias in offering an assessment which does not take into consideration human basic needs is abuse of second families. The whole assessment process is shambolic and abusive and is meant to create more tension between PWCs and NRPs and a dependancy on the agency.. I really want to set up support groups across the country to deal with these they should be self supportive and contribute to challenging the neglect that thi agency spreds through not fit for purpose policies. If anyone is interested contact me at [email protected]

  • John says:

    I agree with Sally.

    It’s not disputed that I want to provide for OUR children (even as adults), it’s the method in which all PWC’s are demonised and criminalised, as the government recoup the ill thought out hand outs, through incompetent oafs, who persistently botch cases up and stitch people up with ‘made up’ arrears.

    Their mother also repeatedly broke court orders regarding contact. Was she demonised or criminalised. NO!

  • John says:

    Should read:- it’s the method in which all NRP’s are demonised and criminalised,

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