The CSA should be shut down

January 25, 2015

Im a father of 4 and have very little dealings with the csa cos when i have it has been a compleat nightmare.

I have allways paid for my kids direct but when i have lost my job for what ever reason (not for long tho ) my exs went to the csa which was real hard to convince i dont owe monie i havent erend and cos there was a assesment in place and no change of sercomstancess was changed they dident care and wouldent change this even tho there was no payments going through them at all.

Not intrested unfair and not right it doesent matter how when and where if the monie hasent been erend csa can not dedmand the payments hence paied £76 csa must pay £ 85 really any way thats only the start in a nut shell im a father of 4 vwith 3 mothers i get on and have a very good relathionship with 2 not my ex wife mother of elderst only in the last 2 years tho ive allways paid.

Sometimes late or out of work but allwyas caught up my latest and my self wanted to go through the csa as it was sopposed to be easyer and convinent what a compleit cock up not only have they payed the money that should have gone to my ex they payed to my ex wife which i have had no dealing with for many years and on that point i took parental charge of my daughter for a year in 2011 and make a claim from my ex wife for payments and still to date not heard a word no chase up no letters no claim.

All i get is we are looking into it the agency shouild be shut down put back in to the courts a real person look at the claims ect csa are a joke a disscrace and ruiend my exmas 2012 cos of their mess ups my ex got no payments befor christmass but so much pressure on me many arguments and i was sopposed to spend christmas day with them due to their incompadence and lies this did not happen many thanks the csa no wonder so many mums and dads do a runner cos csa cors even more upset.

To put it blunt im a real p*ssed of dad that gives a toss about his kids.