The CSA sent a nasty letter but I’m not refusing to pay – what can i do?

May 4, 2013

After my conversation to xxx last week regarding my case, and how would find it hard to pay back my arrears because I don’t get ANY benefits (complicated issue) I received a nasty letter stating I could go to court ect. I did put it to him that I wasn’t refusing to pay but at the same time, didn’t know how too. He said he would get back to me; that would be the letter; no phone call to discuss, just the letter.

I phoned them Yesterday (Monday) and said I could pay back some (still don’t know where I’m going to find it) but they said it has to be a minimum of £30 a month, not £15. She said she would have to ask her supervisor and would get back to me. I haven’t had a phone call yet, but I’m sure i will soon by somebody who doesn’t know anything about my previous phone calls. However, I did offer to pay them, albeit slightly less than they want me to pay, but this is for good reason.Watch this space. I will update the thread as and when.


  • stuart says:

    CSA legally have to negotiate arrears, yet still are allowed by CSA managers to impose DEO’s the NRP can not afford.

    How do they keep doing this when they admit it is wrong?

    It is clear fraud.

  • David says:

    Thanks for the comments.
    Well, here is the update.

    I had a phone call back from the CSA and they said they would be willing to except the £15 a month from me, but they would have to referr the other £15 to dept management. Suffice to say, I was put in an impossible position. Of course, I had to agree to the full £30 a month in the end; they had me over a barrel. This is their way of negotiating.
    Is there a forym for JSA hell? I’ve got a cracker for you if there is.
    Thanks guys.

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